About Us

We are FNA, the leading RegTech and SupTech analytics provider.

We are

FNA, a deep technology company and the leader in Supervisory Technology (SupTech) and Regulatory Technology (RegTech).

Our Mission

To make the financial system safer and more efficient.


After the financial crisis of 2007–2008, regulators and supervisors have recognised the interconnected nature of financial systems and now have access to increasingly large amounts of granular data. FNA operationalises advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques into production use cases.

Who we serve

FNA’s clients and partners include the world’s largest:

Central Banks

Supervisors and Regulators

Financial Market Infrastructures


How we serve

The FNA Platform allows financial regulators and FMIs to map and monitor complex financial networks and to simulate operational and financial risks. The FNA Platform can be accessed in a secure cloud environment, or installed on-premise.

Interested in working with us?

See our career page.

Management Team

Phillip Straley

Kimmo Soramäki
Founder and CEO

Clay Cowdery
Chief Solution Architect


Amanda Hancox
Financial Controller

Samantha Cook
Chief Scientist

Andreas Jensen
Global Head of Client Success

Oleksandr Opanasenko
Lead Developer

Dave Sissens
Global Head of Financial Market Infrastructures

Bimal Patel
Client Solutions Director

Brandon Smith
Director of Financial Intelligence

Ivana Ruffini
Managing Director of Advanced Analytics

Jorge Cruz-Lopez
Director of Advanced Analytics and Research

Jeremy Cormican
People & Culture

Imran Majid
Communications Manager

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