Ivana Ruffini

Ivana helps develop algorithms to analyse and visualize complex data and predict likely outcomes. She works with clients to tailor FNA analytic solutions to help them maximize tangible business outcomes.

Prior to joining FNA, Ivana worked for nine years at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, where she focused on modeling propagation of risks through the global financial system. She also analysed the impact and efficacy of regulations and customer protections in derivatives markets and helped inform policymakers on how changes in payment systems and financial market infrastructures may impact various participants.

Ivana was also active in the alternative investment space as a private equity investment professional, a derivatives trader, and a credit risk specialist. Her prior employers include Baird Capital Partners, One Equity Partners, and JPMorgan.

Ivana graduated with honors from Denison University and did her graduate studies at Northwestern University. In addition to incorporating network theory in modeling financial markets, her research interests include the development of predictive analytics that utilizes ML and Bayesian modeling.