Kimmo Soramäki

Kimmo Soramäki is the Founder and CEO of Financial Network Analytics (FNA) and the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Network Theory in Finance. Kimmo started his career as an economist at the Bank of Finland wherein 1997, he developed the first simulation model for interbank payment systems. In 2004, while at the research department of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, he was among the first to apply methods from network theory to improve our understanding of financial systems. During the financial crisis of 2007-2008, Kimmo advised several central banks, including the Bank of England and European Central Bank, in modeling interconnections and systemic risk. This work led him to found FNA in 2013 to solve important issues around financial risk and for exploring the complex financial networks that play a continually larger role in the world around us. Kimmo holds a Doctor of Science in Operations Research and a Master of Science in Economics (Finance), both from Aalto University in Helsinki.

Research and Speaking Engagements

Kimmo’s research has focused on modeling interconnections and interdependencies in the financial system, often through modeling or analyzing data available from financial infrastructures. He has published over 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals in statistical mechanics and economics, and in the working paper series of central banks. These articles have been cited in 1000+ academic publications. A full record of his research is available at Google Scholar.

Kimmo is a frequent keynote and plenary speaker and during the last 3 years, has spoken at over 30 industry and academic conferences including Sibos, Risk Europe and the Enterprise Risk Management Symposium.

Speaking engagements in 2019

Speaking engagements in 2018

Speaking engagements in 2017

  • Invited Speaker at IOSCO Fintech Meeting, Amsterdam, November 2017
  • Invited Speaker at the Imperial College Business School, London, November 2017
  • Course Tutor at the Central Banking Training Series, Abu Dhabi, November 2017
  • Course Tutor at the Central Banking Training Series, in London, November 2017
  • Finalist in the UBS Futures of Finance Challenge, London, October 2017
  • Invited Speaker at Sibos FinTech Theatre, Toronto, October 2017
  • Invited Speaker at the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Oxford, October 2017
  • Invited Speaker at BigDataFinance Conference, London, October 2017
  • Course Tutor at the Central Banking Training Series, Cambridge, November 2017
  • Invited Speaker at SAP Central Bank Executive Summit, Bank of Canada, May 2017
  • Invited Speaker at Central Banking Seminars, Windsor, May 2017
  • Invited Speaker at Quantech, London, April 2017
  • Finalist at Pitch360, Innovate Finance Global Summit, London, April 2017

Speaking engagements in 2016

Speaking engagements in 2015

  • Panelist at Predictive Modelling Insights conference, London, November 2015
  • Panelist at Fintech Week, London, September 2015
  • Keynote at Financial Risk and Network Theory 2015, Cambridge, September 2015
  • Invited Speaker at ISI World Statistics Congress, Rio de Janeiro, July 2015
  • Invited Speaker at 6th Risk Summit, Center of Risk Studies at Cambridge University, June 2015
  • Invited Speaker at London Risk Briefing, London, May 2015
  • Invited Speaker at World Bank on Applications of Network Theory in Finance and Production, May 2015
  • Invited Speaker at European Central Bank on Visualizing Financial Stress, Frankfurt, April 2015
  • Invited Speaker at Commerzbank Cash Forum on Global Network of Payment Flows, Frankfurt, April 2015
  • Invited Speaker at Carnegie Mellon University, Doha, April 2015
  • Invited Speaker at King’s College, London, March 2015
  • Panelist at PRMIA Seminar on Managing Emerging Systemic Risks, New York, February 2015