Financial Crime & Conduct Risk

Uncovering wrongdoing, eliminating false positives


Financial regulators, law enforcement and banks struggle to detect ever more sophisticated criminal schemes in a more fast-paced world. More data is being generated leaving traces of activity, but current methods for filtering signal from noise are insufficient.

Why choose between increasing the efficiency and increasing the effectiveness of your AML or fraud case generation and investigation cycle, when you can do both?  The FNA Platform combines the power of network analytics and interactive data visualisation that identifies anomalies from large data sets in near-real time. FNA Platform visualisations and statistical inferences allow AML and Fraud investigators focus on the data that matters most, while enabling supporting data science teams to improve centralised monitoring efficiency and generated case allocation.

Who Are Our Typical Clients

  • Central Banks
  • Regulators
  • Financial Market Infrastructures
  • Financial Institutions large and small
  • Financial Intelligence Units and Fraud Investigation Teams
  • Law Enforcement Departments / Agencies


  • Current AML and Fraud monitoring provides a passive defence for financial institutions
  • Centralised monitoring case generation systems often produce a large volume of unproductive cases, decreasing AML or Fraud program efficiency
  • Large volumes of data across products, monitoring solutions, case management systems, and risk domains remain siloed


  • FNA seeks to change financial risk postures from passive monitoring to proactive risk identification
  • FNA automates network creation with billions links from transaction data across multiple products or risk domains, can link to external data sources, and automatically resolve entities, events, and communities.
  • FNA’s graph based machine learning models automatically and accurately detect anomalies while decreasing false positive case generation. 
  • FNA has a stock of over 300 algorithms to support network investigations and monitoring. Each is customisable to the risk, productivity and regulatory needs of our clients
  • FNA’s interactive visualisations enable network exploration with filtering, mapping, and layouts enabling investigators to focus on the most important data relevant to their cases
  • The FNA Platform can be easily configured to support new data sets and integration including payment transactions, civili registries, tax and criminal registries and corporate intelligence information

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FNA is a UK-Registered company:
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