Payment Threading and how it accelerates throughput in payment systems

By Samantha Cook FNA Chief Data Scientist Samantha Cook outlines FNA’s Payment Threading Solution and how it offers a simple solution to the demands placed on payment systems.    Payment system infrastructure can only process so many transactions per second. If the number of transactions submitted is larger than that limit in any time period, […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #13

Green Finance Innovation   Thursday 5th October | 1 pm (UK)  With: | Bénédicte Nolens (BIS Innovation Hub) | Rosie Hampson (Goldman Sachs)   How can collaboration and innovation accelerate the transition to sustainable finance?  Join guests Rosie Hampson (Goldman Sachs) and Bénédicte Nolens (BIS Innovation Hub) for this 60-minute webinar as they share insights […]

Attractive Design Options combined with policies and limits are key to rCBDC adoption.

New FNA research finds retail CBDCs require a combination of attractive design options, stimulus policies and limits to foster adoption.    New research, Simulating the Adoption of a retail CBDC, from FNAer’s Carlos León, José Moreno, and Kimmo Soramäki used an agent-based model to build a digital twin of Spain’s retail payment ecosystem to test […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #12

The Application of Digital Twins within Payment Systems   Wednesday 23rd August | 3 pm (UK)  With: | Kimmo Soramäki (FNA) | Martin Kyle (Payments Canada)   Martin Kyle, Chief Information Security Officer at Payments Canada, joined FNA’s Kimmo Soramäki to discuss the value of Digital Twins and how digital replicas of payment systems are […]

BIS finds network analysis improves AML efforts

By Will Towning    New research published by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) shows that graph or network-based machine learning analysis significantly improves the effectiveness and efficiency of anti-fraud and money laundering controls.  The BIS Innovation Hub Nordics’ Project Aurora explored – among other important topics – the effectiveness and efficiency of different approaches […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #11

CBDCs – the Potential to Transform Liquidity Management?   Wednesday 19th July | 3:00 pm (UK) 10:00 am (EST) With: | Richard Dzina (The Clearing House) | Stephen Wojciechowicz (Bank of New York Mellon)   In Session #11 of the FMI Broadcast, guests Richard Dzina and Stephen Wojciechowicz join FNA as we examine whether CBDCs have the potential to transform […]

Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA): Addressing an Old New Network Problem

By Carlos León   One of the key lessons of the 2007-2008 global financial crisis is the importance of financial market infrastructures (FMIs) as a pillar of financial stability. Before, the role of financial market infrastructures, namely the provision of trading, clearing, settling, recording, and compressing services for transactions between financial institutions (FIs) was often taken […]

PRESS RELEASE: BPNG Partners with FNA to Monitor Intraday Liquidity 

London, UK: BPNG partners with FNA to monitor intraday liquidity  The Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG) is pleased to announce it has partnered with network analytics specialist FNA to monitor intraday liquidity and understand systemic risk.    BPNG’s newly formed Payment Oversight, Compliance & Monitoring Office will use FNA’s technology to gain a better […]

The Treasury Broadcast: Session 2

Unlocking the Potential: Tech Insights and Strategies   Tuesday 20th June 2023 | 2 pm (UK) With: | Neil Thomas, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs | Alan James Anderson, Head of Liquidity Technolgy, Standard Chartered   It is imperative to remain ahead of the curve by embracing cutting-edge technological advancements and leveraging them to their full […]

Every financial system needs a Digital Twin

By Will Towning and Carlos León Every Financial System needs a Digital Twin.   For decades, industries like healthcare, engineering, defence, construction and transportation have harnessed the benefits of digital twins to experiment, design, and test before building the real-world equivalent.  Payment and settlement ecosystems are no different. They require constant modification and modernization to […]

The Power of Payments Data

By Will Towning Use cases for financial crime analytics   Payments play a fundamental role in our financial and economic systems – from the most humble of activities, such as buying a coffee or catching the underground, to the most complex financial derivative arrangements. Despite this, payments have historically been seen as the rather uninspiring, […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #10

The Future of Money: Public Perspectives   Tuesday 9th May With: | David Birch, (15mb Ltd) | John Kiff, (Sovereign Official Digital Association)   John Kiff (Sovereign Official Digital Association) returned to FNA’s Broadcasts alongside author and commentator David Birch (15Mb Ltd) to look at the Future of Money from a public perspective. In this […]
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