Payments Canada Case Study

Payments Canada partnered with FNA to design and build a simulator for Lynx in order to understand the impacts of certain configurations and participant behaviours on intraday liquidity through simulated scenarios prior to the implementation of Lynx. Introduction   Payments Canada owns and operates the national payments systems in Canada. The payment systems it operates […]

The Suptech Broadcast

About the Series   The Suptech Broadcast follows a 60-minute format in which guests provide expert insight into the latest developments and innovations influencing the industry today.  Today, Central Banks and Supervisors have access to vast amounts of granular, structured and unstructured data.  The ability to operationalize this data through automated modeling, analysis and visuzalisation […]

The Suptech Broadcast Session #2

The Evolution of Payments Data Analytics and Anomaly Detection   Thursday 27th October | 14:00 – 15:00 (BST)  With guests Perrtu Korhonen (Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority) and Clara Machado (Banco de la República), we explore how payments data analytics and anomaly detection have evolved over recent years, focusing on the integration of new datasets for […]

FNA Loan Data Analytics- Interbank Lending Networks

by Riris Silalahi & Amanah Ramadiah    FNA recently partnered with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Innovation Hub and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to build a prototype of an integrated regulatory loan data and analytics platform that will provide powerful new capabilities to supervisors.  The solution, FNA Loan Data Analytics, combines advanced […]

The Suptech Broadcast Session #1

The Suptech landscape: Key trends & integration of end-to-end solutions   Wednesday 28th September Suptech represents a core strategic priority for central banks and financial authorities from both developed and emerging markets. According to a Bank for International Settlements (BIS) report published earlier this year, we can now see Suptech innovation and investments in various […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #5

Challenging liquidity management in wholesale cross-border payments   Thursday 22nd September Financial markets face unprecedented challenges. These challenges include fragmented and inefficient post-trade processes, liquidity constraints and complex and costly risk management. To address these challenges, Fnality is developing a peer-to-peer payment system underpinned by Distributed Ledger Technology to enable quicker and safer exchanges of […]

FNA Tech Showcase- Suptech Loan Data Analytics

Suptech: Loan Data Analytics   Wednesday 31st August | 14:00 (BST) Big data and advanced analytics is permeating the central banking sector, and the collection and use of granular loan data in Suptech has become a key priority for supervisors, leading to the development of FNA’s Loan Data Analytics solution.  The solution uses FNA’s advanced […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #4

How Challenger FMIs are revolutionising Cross-border Payments?   Tuesday 30th August | 14:00 – 15:00 (BST) Cross-border payments have always been in the spotlight, often criticized for being slow and costly and unable to cope with the demands for efficient payments among individuals, firms and financial institutions from different jurisdictions. Challenger financial market infrastructures are […]

Why should commercial banks simulate the economic impact of retail CBDCs?

by Dr Carlos León and José Fernando Moreno Gutiérrez Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and other forms of digital money are here to stay. As intermediaries in the funding and payments ecosystems, commercial banks will see their business-as-usual activities affected. Commercial banks need quantitative insights into how they will be affected to thrive in this […]

The CBDC Broadcast Session #8

Aligning Technology with Policy: A look at the recent Oliver Wyman Forum and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Report Wednesday 10th August 2022, 14:00 (BST)   In previous sessions of The CBDC Broadcast, we focused on the many motivations for rolling out a CBDC, from achieving higher financial inclusion and higher transactional efficiency to preserving monetary […]

Q&A: FNA’s Carlos León on how digital money can be more efficient and safe

By Lucas Mearian, Senior Reporter, Computerworld As more and more countries look to introduce Central Bank Digital Currencies. FNA’s Director of Financial Market Infrastructures and Digital Currency Solutions, Dr Carlos León, answers Computerworld’s questions on CBDCs, covering: The reasons why Central Banks are exploring the introduction of Digital Currencies The advantages CBDCs offer Potential technical […]

What role do digital currencies play in the future of money?

By Kimmo Soramäki for Bobsguide   While cryptocurrencies dominate the headlines, the real future of money is far more complicated. FNA’s Founder and CEO, Dr Kimmo Soram¨äki, writes about the role digital currencies play in the future of money in this Bobsguide article. Read the Bobsguide article here >
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