The Payment Systems Broadcast Session #15

Safeguarding Digital Finance   With: | Ivan Mortimer-Schutts (Advisor, SIMBAS) | David Rennie (Digital Identity & Data Assurance Specialist at IDEMIA & DPF Privacy & Identity Working Group Lead)   In today’s digital age, safeguarding payments systems against fraud, scams, and money laundering is paramount. This session brings together experts to explore the intricate nexus […]

The Payment Systems Broadcast Session #14

The Consequences of Atomic Settlement Wednesday 6th December | 2 pm With: | Dirk Bullmann ( Global Head of Public Policy, CLS)     Atomic settlement promises instant, simultaneous transactions, but does this represent a quantum leap for post-trade efficiency or a liquidity trap? In this session of the Payment Systes Broadcast, Dirk Bullman cuts through […]

The Payment Systems Broadcast Session #13

Green Finance Innovation   Thursday 5th October  With: | Bénédicte Nolens (BIS Innovation Hub) | Rosie Hampson (Goldman Sachs)   How can collaboration and innovation accelerate the transition to sustainable finance?  Guests Rosie Hampson (Goldman Sachs) and Bénédicte Nolens (BIS Innovation Hub) joined FNA for Session #13 of the FMI Broadcast, sharing insights from Project […]

The Payment Systems Broadcast Session #12

The Application of Digital Twins within Payment Systems   Wednesday 23rd August | 3 pm (UK)  With: | Kimmo Soramäki (FNA) | Martin Kyle (Payments Canada)   Martin Kyle, Chief Information Security Officer at Payments Canada, joined FNA’s Kimmo Soramäki to discuss the value of Digital Twins and how digital replicas of payment systems are […]

The Payment Systems Broadcast Session #11

CBDCs – the Potential to Transform Liquidity Management?   Wednesday 19th July | 3:00 pm (UK) 10:00 am (EST) With: | Richard Dzina (The Clearing House) | Stephen Wojciechowicz (Bank of New York Mellon)   In Session #11 of the Payment Systems Broadcast, guests Richard Dzina and Stephen Wojciechowicz join FNA as we examine whether CBDCs have the potential to […]

The Payment Systems Broadcast Session #10

The Future of Money: Public Perspectives   Tuesday 9th May With: | David Birch, (15mb Ltd) | John Kiff, (Sovereign Official Digital Association)   John Kiff (Sovereign Official Digital Association) returned to FNA’s Broadcasts alongside author and commentator David Birch (15Mb Ltd) to look at the Future of Money from a public perspective. In this […]

The Payment Systems Broadcast

  About the Series   The payments and FMI landscapes are rapidly evolving as new technologies, digital currencies, and disrupters emerge. FMIs and their members must understand the impact of these changes to safely ensure financial and economic stability. Following on from the success of FNA’s monthly CBDC Broadcast, The Payment SystemsBroadcast will follow a […]

The Payments System Broadcast Session #9

Where is Digital Money Heading in 2023   2nd March 2023 With:  | Keith Bear, (University of Cambridge) | Philip Ennes, (JP Morgan)     Nowadays, it seems everything can be tokenized, from securities to real estate, commodities to equity. More recently, in response to retail CBDCs and stablecoins, tokenising bank deposits has emerged as a […]

The Payment Systems Broadcast Session #8

New Regulations for the Operational Resilience of FMIs   Thursday, 26th January 2023 With:  | Claudine Hurman, (Banque de France) | Patrick Papsdorf, (European Central Bank)   How are new regulations contributing to the operational resilience of decentralized payment systems in wholesale banking? Patrick Papsdorf (Head of Payments Oversight, European Central Bank) and Claudine Hurman (Director of Infrastructures, […]

The Payment Systems Broadcast Session #7

A Global Standard for Payment Messaging- Everything You Need to Know About ISO 20022   Wednesday 25th January 2023 With:  | Saskia Devolder, (SWIFT) | John Jackson, (Bank of England)   ISO 20022 is expected to create a global and open message standard across all business lines of the financial industry. Several long-lived financial communication […]

The Payment Systems Broadcast Session #6

The Relevance of Liquidity Savings in a Real-Time World   Thursday, 10th November 2022 With:  | Richard Dzina, The Clearing House | Stephen Wojciechowicz, BNY Mellon     On the 10th of November, guests Richard Dzina (The Clearing House, TCH) and Stephen Wojciechowicz (Bank of New York Mellon) joined FNA to discuss the Relevance of Liquidity […]

The Payment Systems Broadcast Session #5

Challenging liquidity management in wholesale cross-border payments   Thursday, 22nd September 2022 With:  | Jan Schoombee, Fnality     Financial markets face unprecedented challenges. These challenges include fragmented and inefficient post-trade processes, liquidity constraints and complex and costly risk management. To address these challenges, Fnality is developing a peer-to-peer payment system underpinned by Distributed Ledger Technology […]
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