The CBDC Broadcast Session #23

The Digital Pound Thursday 29th February | 3 pm With: | Jannah Patchay (Executive Director, Policy Lead & Originating Member of the Digital Pound Foundation) | Elise Soucie (Director of Global Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Global Digital Finance)   Guests Elise Soucie (Global Digital Finance) and Jannah Patchay (Digital Pound Foundation) join the CBDC Broadcast […]

The Suptech Broadcast, Session #10

Suptech & Regtech: Advancing in Alignment   Wednesday 31st January | 2 pm With:  | Perttu Korhonen, Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority | Matt Grasser, Cambridge Suptech Lab   Perttu Korhonen and Matt Grasser will join FNA’s Suptech Broadcast on Thursday, 14 December, for a session focusing on the complementary capabilities of regtech and suptech. […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #14

The Consequences of Atomic Settlement Wednesday 6th December | 2 pm With: | Dirk Bullmann ( Global Head of Public Policy, CLS)     Atomic settlement promises instant, simultaneous transactions, but does this represent a quantum leap for post-trade efficiency or a liquidity trap? In this session of the FMI Broadcast, Dirk Bullman cuts through the […]

The CBDC Broadcast Session #22

The Next Frontier of Payments Thursday 16th November With: | Joachim Samuelsson (CEO, Crunchfish) | Sunil Karkera (Product Director, Digital Payments IDFC First Bank)   In today’s digital world, consumers expect seamless omnichannel banking and payment experiences, including the ability to make transactions offline. However, enabling secure approaches to offline payments presents many technological challenges. […]

The CBDC Broadcast Session #21

Exploring Project Rosalind   Wednesday 25th October | 2 pm (UK) With: | Danny Russell (Bank of England) | Catherine Gu (Visa)   There are many challenges surrounding the development of CBDCs, from maximizing interoperability to encouraging public-private sector collaboration and driving consumer adoption.  Aiming to address these challenges is the BIS Innovation Hub London’s […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #13

Green Finance Innovation   Thursday 5th October  With: | Bénédicte Nolens (BIS Innovation Hub) | Rosie Hampson (Goldman Sachs)   How can collaboration and innovation accelerate the transition to sustainable finance?  Guests Rosie Hampson (Goldman Sachs) and Bénédicte Nolens (BIS Innovation Hub) joined FNA for Session #13 of the FMI Broadcast, sharing insights from Project […]

The Suptech Broadcast, Session #9

Bridging Data Divides   Thursday 14th September 2023  With:  | Matei Dohotaru, Senior Financial Sector Specialist (World Bank Group) | Julapa Jagtiani, Senior Economic Advisor Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia   Session #9 of the Suptech Broadcast brought together Matei Dohotaru, Senior Financial Sector Specialist at World Bank Group and Julapa Jagtiani, Senior Economic Advisor […]

The CBDC Broadcast Session #20

New Digital Currencies Shaping the Future of Money   Thursday 21st September With: | Sharmyn Powell, Chairperson, Fintech Working Group, East Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB)   Sharmyn Powell (ECCB) joined session #20 of The CBDC Broadcast to discuss the promise and perils of emerging digital currencies. Drawing upon her deep expertise, Sharmyn shared her perspective […]

The Suptech Broadcast, Session #8

The Impact of Suptech on Banking Supervision   Wednesday 30th August | 2 pm (UK) With:  | Ramunas Baravykas, Director of Data and Statistics Department, CDC, Bank of Lithuania | Jermy Prenio, Principal Advisor, Financial Stability Institution, Bank for International Settlements (BIS)   Technology innovation is rapidly transforming financial supervision. Session #8 of the Suptech Broadcast […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #12

The Application of Digital Twins within Payment Systems   Wednesday 23rd August | 3 pm (UK)  With: | Kimmo Soramäki (FNA) | Martin Kyle (Payments Canada)   Martin Kyle, Chief Information Security Officer at Payments Canada, joined FNA’s Kimmo Soramäki to discuss the value of Digital Twins and how digital replicas of payment systems are […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #11

CBDCs – the Potential to Transform Liquidity Management?   Wednesday 19th July | 3:00 pm (UK) 10:00 am (EST) With: | Richard Dzina (The Clearing House) | Stephen Wojciechowicz (Bank of New York Mellon)   In Session #11 of the FMI Broadcast, guests Richard Dzina and Stephen Wojciechowicz join FNA as we examine whether CBDCs have the potential to transform […]

The CBDC Broadcast Session #19

Testing DLT-based Central Bank Solutions   Thursday 6th July    With: | Aniko Szombati, Chief Digital Officer, Magyar Nemzeti Bank | Chris Ostrowski, Co-Founder and CEO, SODA   Guests Aniko Szombati, Chief Digital Officer Magyar Nemzeti Bank and Chris Ostrowski, Co-founder and CEO of SODA, joined FNA for Session #19 of the CBDC Broadcast, Testing […]
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