FNA ILO: “The Lean Six Sigma of payments”

By Jeremie Feuillette   The global banking sector leader of one of the world’s largest consulting firms fittingly described FNA ILO as the  “Lean Six Sigma of payments”. The analogy captures our payment optimization solution perfectly, with parallels across each of the Lean Six Sigma principles. Using GraphAI algorithms, FNA’s Intelligent Liquidity Optimization (ILO) solution […]

The Suptech Broadcast, Session #10

Suptech & Regtech: Advancing in Alignment   Wednesday 31st January | 2 pm With:  | Perttu Korhonen, Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority | Matt Grasser, Cambridge Suptech Lab   Perttu Korhonen and Matt Grasser will join FNA’s Suptech Broadcast on Thursday, 14 December, for a session focusing on the complementary capabilities of regtech and suptech. […]

The Payment Systems Broadcast Session #14

The Consequences of Atomic Settlement Wednesday 6th December | 2 pm With: | Dirk Bullmann ( Global Head of Public Policy, CLS)     Atomic settlement promises instant, simultaneous transactions, but does this represent a quantum leap for post-trade efficiency or a liquidity trap? In this session of the Payment Systes Broadcast, Dirk Bullman cuts through […]

5 | Liquidity-Saving Mechanisms in Trade Credit Networks: Optimising Corporate Liquidity

FNA Papers Series: No. 5 | 2023   Written by:  |  Anthony Butler (Saudi Central Bank – SAMA) |  José Fernando Moreno Gutiérrez (FNA) |  Dr Carlos León (FNA & Tilburg University) | Dr Kimmo Soramäki (FNA)    Butler, A., León C., Gutiérrez J., Soramäki K., (2023). Liquidity-Saving Mechanisms in Trade Credit Networks: Optimizing Corporate Liquidity. FNA Papers, […]

Consequences of CBDCs, Stablecoins and Alternative Emerging Payment Solutions on the Money Ecosystem:

Published by the ADGM Academy Research Centre, forward by Dmitry Fedotov, Head of DLT Foundations Oversight Abu Dhabi Global Markets In this newly published article from the ADGM Academy, FNA’s Carlos León and José Fernando Moreno Gutiérrez offer an in-depth analysis of a three-tier money ecosystem in which CBDCs, Stablecoins and cryptocurrencies coexist.  Read More […]

4 | Molecular Settlement: Making Atomic Settlement Work in a Positive Interest Rate Environment

FNA Papers Series: No. 4 | 2023   Written by:  |  José Fernando Moreno Gutiérrez (FNA) |  Dr Carlos León (FNA & Tilburg University) | Dr Kimmo Soramäki (FNA)    León, C., Gutiérrez J., Soramäki K., (2023). Making Atomic Settlement Work in a Positive Interest Rate Environment. FNA Papers, No. 4- 2023, 10.69701/GJBJ662 [Available:]   In some […]

Payment Threading and How it Accelerates throughput in Payment Systems

By Samantha Cook FNA Chief Data Scientist Samantha Cook outlines FNA’s Payment Threading Solution and how it offers a simple solution to the demands placed on payment systems.    Payment system infrastructure can only process so many transactions per second. If the number of transactions submitted is larger than that limit in any time period, […]

The Payment Systems Broadcast Session #13

Green Finance Innovation   Thursday 5th October  With: | Bénédicte Nolens (BIS Innovation Hub) | Rosie Hampson (Goldman Sachs)   How can collaboration and innovation accelerate the transition to sustainable finance?  Guests Rosie Hampson (Goldman Sachs) and Bénédicte Nolens (BIS Innovation Hub) joined FNA for Session #13 of the FMI Broadcast, sharing insights from Project […]

What will it take for CBDCs to be successful?

By Aliya Shibli for The Banker   Central Banks around the world are exploring Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). But how do we know what their impacts will be?  Speaking to The Banker, our Director of Financial Market Infrastructures and Digital Currency Solutions, Carlos León, discussed how FNA’s CBDC simulation solution is able to rapidly […]

CBDCs: Should the End-User Shape the Future of Money?

Published by the ADGM Academy   FNA’s Carlos León advocates for a more user-centric approach when designing Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) in this article featured by the AGDM Academy Research Centre as part of its Insights Series.   Read More >

Attractive Design Options combined with Policies and Limits are Key to rCBDC Adoption.

New FNA research finds retail CBDCs require a combination of attractive design options, stimulus policies and limits to foster adoption.    New research, Simulating the Adoption of a retail CBDC, from FNAer’s Carlos León, José Moreno, and Kimmo Soramäki used an agent-based model to build a digital twin of Spain’s retail payment ecosystem to test […]

The Payment Systems Broadcast Session #12

The Application of Digital Twins within Payment Systems   Wednesday 23rd August | 3 pm (UK)  With: | Kimmo Soramäki (FNA) | Martin Kyle (Payments Canada)   Martin Kyle, Chief Information Security Officer at Payments Canada, joined FNA’s Kimmo Soramäki to discuss the value of Digital Twins and how digital replicas of payment systems are […]
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