FNA joins episode 2 of the DEA’s TechyTuesday series

From the Digital Euro Association   The Digital Euro Association’s Valentin Seehausen and Tamara F Schmidt interview Dr Carlos León and José Fernando Moreno Guitiérrez in episode 2 of the DEA’s series, TechyTuesday.  Together, Carlos and José presented FNA’s CBDC Simulation solution, highlighting the importance of CBDC simulation for designing a better CBDC. Watch the […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #8

New Regulations for the Operational Resilience of FMIs   Thursday, 26th January 2023 With:  | Claudine Hurman, (Banque de France) | Patrick Papsdorf, (European Central Bank)   How are new regulations contributing to the operational resilience of decentralized payment systems in wholesale banking? Patrick Papsdorf (Head of Payments Oversight, European Central Bank) and Claudine Hurman (Director of Infrastructures, […]

The Bank of England’s settlement engine is getting swapped out soon. Is the market ready?

By Edward Targett, The Stack  “To understand these complex dynamics, and to optimize the system for all banks, we need system-wide simulations to coordinate their behaviours for optimal liquidity saving in the new environment.” FNA Founder & CEO Kimmo Soramäki contributes to this interesting article by Edward Targett from The Stack, which asks whether the market is ready for changes […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #7

A Global Standard for Payment Messaging- Everything You Need to Know About ISO 20022   Wednesday 25th January 2023 With:  | Saskia Devolder, (SWIFT) | John Jackson, (Bank of England)   ISO 20022 is expected to create a global and open message standard across all business lines of the financial industry. Several long-lived financial communication […]

The global trend of digital currency experimentation

By Bill Lumley, The Banker  FNA’s Director of FMIs & Digital Currency Solutions, Carlos León features in an article from The Banker alongside Rhomaios Ram at Fnality International, discussing recent CBDC pilots and the benefits CBDCs could bring to wholesale finance (subscription required). Read the article here > 

The FMI Broadcast Session #6

The Relevance of Liquidity Savings in a Real-Time World   Thursday, 10th November 2022 With:  | Richard Dzina, The Clearing House | Stephen Wojciechowicz, BNY Mellon     On the 10th of November, guests Richard Dzina (The Clearing House, TCH) and Stephen Wojciechowicz (Bank of New York Mellon) joined FNA to discuss the Relevance of Liquidity […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #6

The Relevance of Liquidity Savings in a Real-Time World Thursday 10th November   On the 10th of November, guests Richard Dzina (The Clearing House, TCH) and Stephen Wojciechowicz (Bank of New York Mellon) joined FNA to discuss the Relevance of Liquidity Savings in a real-Time World.   Watch on-demand   Session #6 Guests   Richard […]

Payments Canada Case Study

Payments Canada partnered with FNA to design and build a Digital Twin of Lynx in order to understand the impacts of certain configurations and participant behaviours on intraday liquidity through simulated scenarios prior to the implementation of Lynx.   Introduction   Payments Canada owns and operates the national payments systems in Canada. The payment systems […]

The Suptech Broadcast Session #2

The Evolution of Payments Data Analytics and Alternative Data for Supervisory Purposes   Thursday 3rd November  With | Perttu Korhonen, Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority | Clara Machado, Banco de la República   Session #2 of The Suptech Broadcast featured guests Perrtu Korhonen (Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority) and Clara Machado (Banco de la República), […]

FNA Loan Data Analytics- Interbank Lending Networks

by Riris Silalahi & Amanah Ramadiah    FNA recently partnered with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Innovation Hub and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to build a prototype of an integrated regulatory loan data and analytics platform that will provide powerful new capabilities to supervisors.  The solution, FNA Loan Data Analytics, combines advanced […]

The Suptech Broadcast Session #1

The Suptech landscape: Key trends & integration of end-to-end solutions   Thursday 3rd November  With | Joanne Horgan, Regnology | Dr Simone di Castri, Cambridge SupTech Lab   Suptech represents a core strategic priority for central banks and financial authorities from both developed and emerging markets. According to a Bank for International Settlements (BIS) report […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #5

Challenging liquidity management in wholesale cross-border payments   Thursday, 22nd September 2022 With:  | Jan Schoombee, Fnality     Financial markets face unprecedented challenges. These challenges include fragmented and inefficient post-trade processes, liquidity constraints and complex and costly risk management. To address these challenges, Fnality is developing a peer-to-peer payment system underpinned by Distributed Ledger Technology […]
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