How rCBDC Gets Done: Why Learning by Simulation is Critical for rCBDC Projects

By José Fernando Moreno Gutiérrez Recently, I had the opportunity to read the book “How Big Things Get Done” by Prof. Bent Flyvbjerg and Dan Gardner, which was recommended to me by our company President, Phillip Straley. I was struck by how many concepts from the book aligned with FNA’s approach to its retail central […]

What a UK CBDC means for the Financial Ecosystem

by Carlos León for Finance Derivative What would a state-backed digital currency mean for the national and global financial and economic system? FNA’s Director of Financial Market Infrastructures and Digital Currencies Solutions, Carlos León, considers the implications of introducing a UK #CBDC in this article for Finance Derivative.   Read More >   

Intelligent Liquidity Optimization: Helping banks cut through the headwinds from SVB’s collapse and future liquidity crises

By Will Towning Tremors have been felt across the global banking system following SVB’s collapse on March 10, with parts of both the U.S. and European banking sectors undergoing uncertainty and assessing contingency plans. Where the dust will eventually settle is hard to know. But with the pinch already being felt from higher interest rates […]

2 | Modernizing Intraday Liquidity Optimization for Commercial Banks

FNA Papers Series: No. 2 | 2023   Written by:  |   Jérémie Feuillette (FNA) |   Dr Kimmo Soramäki (FNA)  |  Will Towning   Feuillette, J., Soramäki K., Towning W., (2023). Modernizing Intraday Liquidity Optimization for Commercial Banks. FNA Papers, No. 2- 2023, DOI Number: 10.69701/BDZH8309 [Available:]   Abstract: Commercial banks are facing a period of […]

The Payment Systems Broadcast

  About the Series   The payments and FMI landscapes are rapidly evolving as new technologies, digital currencies, and disrupters emerge. FMIs and their members must understand the impact of these changes to safely ensure financial and economic stability. Following on from the success of FNA’s monthly CBDC Broadcast, The Payment SystemsBroadcast will follow a […]

The Power of Payments Data

By Will Towning Use cases for financial and economic stability Payments play a fundamental role in our financial and economic systems. From the most humble of activities, such as buying a coffee or catching the underground, to the most complex financial derivative arrangements. Despite this, payments have historically been seen as the rather uninspiring, ordinary […]

Why does payment throttling fall short of liquidity optimization?

By Jeremie Feuillette   What is payment throttling? Payment throttling refers to the process of limiting the rate of payments processed by a system. It is a  simple rules-based mechanical solution. Some common techniques for payment throttling include: Fixed-rate limiting: This involves setting a fixed number of payments that can be processed per unit of […]

The Payments System Broadcast Session #9

Where is Digital Money Heading in 2023   2nd March 2023 With:  | Keith Bear, (University of Cambridge) | Philip Ennes, (JP Morgan)     Nowadays, it seems everything can be tokenized, from securities to real estate, commodities to equity. More recently, in response to retail CBDCs and stablecoins, tokenising bank deposits has emerged as a […]

FNA reveals “powerful liquidity savings” generated by CHIPS settlement algorithm

Press Release  Amidst rising interest rates, CHIPS’ liquidity efficiency creates economic cost savings and allows financial institutions to deploy scarce liquidity more effectively.    LONDON, Feb. 1, 2023 – London-based deep tech firm FNA, specialising in advanced network analytics and simulation, has revealed the “powerful liquidity savings” generated by CHIPS, the largest private sector high-value clearing and settlement […]

Liquidity Management: A New Challenge for Banks

By Phillip Straley for International Banker  “Stories of liquidity pressures have dominated the headlines recently as banks and other financial institutions feel the strain of current market challenges.” FNA President Phillip Straley writes for International Banker, explaining what actions banks can take to solve liquidity challenges. Read the article, Liquidity Management: A New Challenge for Banks, here >   

What can banks do to Solve Liquidity Challenges?

Published by The Banker Stories of liquidity pressure dominated the headlines in 2023. In this article for The Banker, FNA President Phillip Straley explains the actions banks and other financial institutions feeling the strain of current market challenges can take to solve liquidity challenges.  Read more >

With Rishi Sunak in power, are we more likely to see a ‘Britcoin’?

By Callum Williams, Payment Experts “User-oriented design and clear motivations must come before anything else. Britain will be far better if the Bank of England develops a digital pound that fulfils its motivations while people love and use it as part of their everyday lives.” Carlos León , Director, Financial Market Infrastructures & Digital Currencies Solutions […]
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