FNA Tech Showcase- Suptech Loan Data Analytics

Suptech: Loan Data Analytics   Wednesday 31st August | 14:00 (BST) Big data and advanced analytics is permeating the central banking sector, and the collection and use of granular loan data in Suptech has become a key priority for supervisors, leading to the development of FNA’s Loan Data Analytics solution.  The solution uses FNA’s advanced […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #4

How Challenger FMIs are Revolutionising Cross-border Payments?   Tuesday, 30th August 2022 With:  | Claudi Ceresani, DGT Solutions | Phil Mochan, Nomos   Cross-border payments have always been in the spotlight, often criticized for being slow and costly and unable to cope with the demands for efficient payments among individuals, firms and financial institutions from […]

Why should commercial banks simulate the economic impact of retail CBDCs?

by Dr Carlos León and José Fernando Moreno Gutiérrez Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and other forms of digital money are here to stay. As intermediaries in the funding and payments ecosystems, commercial banks will see their business-as-usual activities affected. Commercial banks need quantitative insights into how they will be affected to thrive in this […]

The CBDC Broadcast Session #8

Aligning Technology with Policy: A Look at the Recent Oliver Wyman Forum and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Report   Wednesday 10th August 2022 With:  | Larissa de Lima, Oliver Wyman Forum | Erica Salinas, Amazon Web Services   In previous sessions of The CBDC Broadcast, we focused on the many motivations for rolling out a CBDC, […]

Q&A: FNA’s Carlos León on how digital money can be more efficient and safe

By Lucas Mearian, Senior Reporter, Computerworld As more and more countries look to introduce Central Bank Digital Currencies. FNA’s Director of Financial Market Infrastructures and Digital Currency Solutions, Dr Carlos León, answers Computerworld’s questions on CBDCs, covering: The reasons why Central Banks are exploring the introduction of Digital Currencies The advantages CBDCs offer Potential technical […]

What role do digital currencies play in the future of money?

By Kimmo Soramäki for Bobsguide   While cryptocurrencies dominate the headlines, the real future of money is far more complicated. FNA’s Founder and CEO, Dr Kimmo Soramäki, writes about the role digital currencies play in the future of money in this Bobsguide article. Read the Bobsguide article here >

FNA named Central Banking’s Data Analytics Partner of the year at the FinTech and RegTech Global Awards 2022.

We’re delighted to announce that FNA are proud winners of Central Banking’s Data Analytics Partner award at the FinTech and RegTech Global Awards 2022. The award recognises the development of FNA’s CBDC Simulation solution built in partnership with Giesecke+Devrient. FNA’s CBDC Simulation solution uses an agent-based model which allows stakeholders to test scenarios and understand […]

Why is there a global race towards Central Bank Digital Currencies (and what does this mean for businesses)?

By Lara Williams (Investment Monitor) FNA’s Dr Carlos León (Director of FMIs and Digital Currencies Solutions) contributes to this Investment Monitor Article, ‘Why is there a global race towards Central Bank Digital Currencies (and what does this mean for businesses)?” The article, written by Lara Williams, examines the impact of CBDCs on current global systems […]

FNA Assists National Security Fellowship in Developing Student and Industry Led Proof of Concept for the U.S Department of State

By Bradley Kaufman, Seton Hall University FNA recently announced its academic partnership with Seton Hall University School of Diplomacy and International Relations. The partnership aims to support the National Security Fellowship with a project that aims to help the U.S Department of State enhance its strategic relationship with Pakistan through advanced network analytics. You can […]

Improving the Accuracy of Stress Tests – A Look at Reconstruction Methods

Ramadiah, Caccioli & Fricke’s research offers supervisors valuable insights into conducting more accurate stress tests.    FNA’s Amanah Ramadiah and researchers Fabio Caccioli and Daniel Fricke offer supervisors valuable insights into conducting more accurate stress tests in the 2021 paper, ‘Reconstructing and Stress Testing Credit Networks’ which underlines the importance of understanding the consequences when […]

Case Study: UK Finance

UK Finance quantifies potential improvements to liquidity and risk reduction in the CHAPS payment system through FNA’s payment optimization and simulation technology.   Introduction   The Clearing House Automated Payments System (CHAPS) is one of the largest high-value payment systems in the world, processing an average daily value of over £360 billion. Clearing participants, such […]

Will CBDC Rollouts Force Tech Providers to ‘Cannibalise’ Their Own Systems?

By Carlos León for PaymentsJournal Dr Carlos León, FNA’s Director of FMI and Digital Currency solutions, examines the Digital Yuan, asking how the growing number of CBDCs may impact current payment providers in this PaymentsJournal article. You can read the article here >
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