Identifying and Managing Systemic Risk in Clearing During Uncertain Times

COVID-19 is having a remarkable impact on the global financial markets. In the last few days major indexes, such as S&P 500, reported unprecedented downward swings while market volatility ramped up. With even more turbulent times ahead, central clearing counterparties (CCPs) must prepare for potential failures of their participating clearing members (CMs), and potential downstream […]

At week 6 lockdown did not bother me – my experience in Beijing

This post was written by Tianzong Wang and published on Linkedin. Tianzong is a Data Scientist at FNA and currently based in Beijing, China. It is now the 6th week I have been staying at home. It seems crazy, since everyone normally goes out of their home 2-3 times per day and the outdoor exercises […]

A Systematic View of the Panicked Global Markets

Panic shook the financial markets this week. In times of crisis, it is often difficult to gain a systematic view and to “see the forest from the trees”, when there is an overflow of information and endless articles on individual companies, markets or asset classes. We also learned in the financial crisis that everything is […]

Coronavirus Is Disrupting the Supply Chains – We Are Mapping How

This article was written by Lubos Pernis and published on LinkedIn. Lubos is a Data Scientist at FNA. Italy’s economy is going to be hit hard by the Coronavirus. The economic effects of the situation in Italy are, however, unlikely to stay contained to Italy – both the demand shock and the potential supply shock […]

Working offsite – The essential insight from our “remote first”​ working culture

With more organizations closing their offices due to coronavirus, and continuing work from offsite, I want to share the most important insight that we have learned building a distributed global team of 50 over the last 5 years. It is “Focus on communications“. The main issue we face continually is effective communications when there are […]

Fear caused the last financial crisis, fear can cause it again

Yesterday I made a post about the S-curves of coronavirus cases in three highly infected countries (China, South Korea and Italy), and argued that looking at the data and based on the experience in China and South Korea we should be able to contain the virus in other countries too. However, this also meant that countries […]

Future proofing the next generation of financial market infrastructures: The devil is in the data

Financial Markets Infrastructures (FMIs) generate immense amounts of data that is valuable for many purposes ranging from optimising liquidity to enabling better risk management and generating insights about the economy. Dr. Kimmo Soramaki and Dave Sissens of FNA have recently published a paper on Future proofing the next generation of financial market infrastructures: The devil […]

Fnality partners with FNA

Delivering impact analysis of new global payment system Financial Network Analytics (FNA) and Fnality International (Fnality) are pleased to announce that they have formed a new collaborative relationship. Fnality is building Fnality Global Payments, a new global payments system that will enable the peer-to-peer markets promised by Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) and tokenisation. The system […]

FNA secures $5.5m Series A funding from IQ Capital and GETTYLAB

London, 1st August 2019. FNA today announces closure of a $5.5m Series A investment round led by IQ Capital, with participation from GETTYLAB. The funds will be used to further develop the FNA platform and solutions to help financial regulators and institutions operationalise advanced data analytics, identify fault lines in the financial system and prepare […]

FNA Wins first prize at the 2019 EUDatathon

By Federico Musciotto & Matteo Neri How can tariffs on certain sectors affect the growth of a country? What can be the impact of a hard Brexit? How can a private exporter find the best environment for his activity? Why should we care about the answers? As part of this year’s EU Datathon event, held […]

Nature Magazine publishes FNA research on network analysis

The increasing availability of data demands for techniques to filter information in large complex networks of interactions. A number of approaches have been proposed to extract network backbones by assessing the statistical significance of links against null hypotheses of random interaction. Yet, it is well known that the growth of most real-world networks is non-random, […]

FNA in Central Banking: Network analytics as an antidote to contagion?

With regulators leveraging technological innovations to move towards informed, data‐driven decision‐making and automation, supervisory technology is attracting enhanced interest. Kimmo Soramäki and Phillip Straley examine how regulators are gaining insight by examining interconnectedness in datasets, and how this can reduce risk in the financial system.  With the emergence of supervisory technology – often referred to […]
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