The Power of Payments Data

By Will Towning Use cases for financial and economic stability Payments play a fundamental role in our financial and economic systems. From the most humble of activities, such as buying a coffee or catching the underground, to the most complex financial derivative arrangements. Despite this, payments have historically been seen as the rather uninspiring, ordinary […]

Why does payment throttling fall short of liquidity optimization?

By Jeremie Feuillette   What is payment throttling? Payment throttling refers to the process of limiting the rate of payments processed by a system. It is a  simple rules-based mechanical solution. Some common techniques for payment throttling include: Fixed-rate limiting: This involves setting a fixed number of payments that can be processed per unit of […]

FNA reveals “powerful liquidity savings” generated by CHIPS settlement algorithm

Press Release  Amidst rising interest rates, CHIPS’ liquidity efficiency creates economic cost savings and allows financial institutions to deploy scarce liquidity more effectively.    LONDON, Feb. 1, 2023 – London-based deep tech firm FNA, specialising in advanced network analytics and simulation, has revealed the “powerful liquidity savings” generated by CHIPS, the largest private sector high-value clearing and settlement […]

Liquidity Management: A New Challenge for Banks

By Phillip Straley for International Banker  “Stories of liquidity pressures have dominated the headlines recently as banks and other financial institutions feel the strain of current market challenges.” FNA President Phillip Straley writes for International Banker, explaining what actions banks can take to solve liquidity challenges. Read the article, Liquidity Management: A New Challenge for Banks, here >   

With Rishi Sunak in power, are we more likely to see a ‘Britcoin’?

By Callum Williams, Payment Experts “User-oriented design and clear motivations must come before anything else. Britain will be far better if the Bank of England develops a digital pound that fulfils its motivations while people love and use it as part of their everyday lives.” Carlos León , Director, Financial Market Infrastructures & Digital Currencies Solutions […]

FNA joins episode 2 of the DEA’s TechyTuesday series

From the Digital Euro Association   The Digital Euro Association’s Valentin Seehausen and Tamara F Schmidt interview Dr Carlos León and José Fernando Moreno Guitiérrez in episode 2 of the DEA’s series, TechyTuesday.  Together, Carlos and José presented FNA’s CBDC Simulation solution, highlighting the importance of CBDC simulation for designing a better CBDC. Watch the […]

The Bank of England’s settlement engine is getting swapped out soon. Is the market ready?

By Edward Targett, The Stack  “To understand these complex dynamics, and to optimize the system for all banks, we need system-wide simulations to coordinate their behaviours for optimal liquidity saving in the new environment.” FNA Founder & CEO Kimmo Soramäki contributes to this interesting article by Edward Targett from The Stack, which asks whether the market is ready for changes […]

The global trend of digital currency experimentation

By Bill Lumley, The Banker  FNA’s Director of FMIs & Digital Currency Solutions, Carlos León features in an article from The Banker alongside Rhomaios Ram at Fnality International, discussing recent CBDC pilots and the benefits CBDCs could bring to wholesale finance (subscription required). Read the article here > 

FNA Loan Data Analytics- Interbank Lending Networks

by Riris Silalahi & Amanah Ramadiah    FNA recently partnered with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Innovation Hub and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to build a prototype of an integrated regulatory loan data and analytics platform that will provide powerful new capabilities to supervisors.  The solution, FNA Loan Data Analytics, combines advanced […]

Why should commercial banks simulate the economic impact of retail CBDCs?

by Dr Carlos León and José Fernando Moreno Gutiérrez Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and other forms of digital money are here to stay. As intermediaries in the funding and payments ecosystems, commercial banks will see their business-as-usual activities affected. Commercial banks need quantitative insights into how they will be affected to thrive in this […]

Q&A: FNA’s Carlos León on how digital money can be more efficient and safe

By Lucas Mearian, Senior Reporter, Computerworld As more and more countries look to introduce Central Bank Digital Currencies. FNA’s Director of Financial Market Infrastructures and Digital Currency Solutions, Dr Carlos León, answers Computerworld’s questions on CBDCs, covering: The reasons why Central Banks are exploring the introduction of Digital Currencies The advantages CBDCs offer Potential technical […]

What role do digital currencies play in the future of money?

By Kimmo Soramäki for Bobsguide   While cryptocurrencies dominate the headlines, the real future of money is far more complicated. FNA’s Founder and CEO, Dr Kimmo Soramäki, writes about the role digital currencies play in the future of money in this Bobsguide article. Read the Bobsguide article here >
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