The FMI Broadcast Session #6

The Relevance of Liquidity Savings in a Real-Time World Thursday 10th November   On the 10th of November, guests Richard Dzina (The Clearing House, TCH) and Stephen Wojciechowicz (Bank of New York Mellon) joined FNA to discuss the Relevance of Liquidity Savings in a real-Time World.   Watch on-demand   Session #6 Guests   Richard […]

The CBDC Broadcast Session #10

Gaining momentum, options for access to and interoperability of CBDCs worldwide   Wednesday, 5th October 2022 With:  | Anneke Kosse, Bank for International Settlements | Illaria Mattei, Bank for International Settlements   Today, 90 per cent of central banks are exploring Central bank digital currencies, with over half already developing digital currencies or conducting experiments. In Session […]

The Suptech Broadcast Session #2

The Evolution of Payments Data Analytics and Alternative Data for Supervisory Purposes   Thursday 3rd November  With | Perttu Korhonen, Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority | Clara Machado, Banco de la República   Session #2 of The Suptech Broadcast featured guests Perrtu Korhonen (Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority) and Clara Machado (Banco de la República), […]

The CBDC Broadcast Session #9

What CBDC features will drive consumers’ and merchants’ adoption?   Thursday 29th September 2023 With:  | John Velissarios, Accenture | Raoul Herborg, Giesecke + Devrient   CBDC is a very particular product. An extremely successful rollout, with massive adoption, could affect financial stability as deposits could migrate to CBDCs. On the other hand, poor adoption could […]

The Suptech Broadcast Session #1

The Suptech landscape: Key trends & integration of end-to-end solutions   Thursday 3rd November  With | Joanne Horgan, Regnology | Dr Simone di Castri, Cambridge SupTech Lab   Suptech represents a core strategic priority for central banks and financial authorities from both developed and emerging markets. According to a Bank for International Settlements (BIS) report […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #5

Challenging liquidity management in wholesale cross-border payments   Thursday, 22nd September 2022 With:  | Jan Schoombee, Fnality     Financial markets face unprecedented challenges. These challenges include fragmented and inefficient post-trade processes, liquidity constraints and complex and costly risk management. To address these challenges, Fnality is developing a peer-to-peer payment system underpinned by Distributed Ledger Technology […]

FNA Tech Showcase- Suptech Loan Data Analytics

Suptech: Loan Data Analytics   Wednesday 31st August | 14:00 (BST) Big data and advanced analytics is permeating the central banking sector, and the collection and use of granular loan data in Suptech has become a key priority for supervisors, leading to the development of FNA’s Loan Data Analytics solution.  The solution uses FNA’s advanced […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #4

How Challenger FMIs are Revolutionising Cross-border Payments?   Tuesday, 30th August 2022 With:  | Claudi Ceresani, DGT Solutions | Phil Mochan, Nomos   Cross-border payments have always been in the spotlight, often criticized for being slow and costly and unable to cope with the demands for efficient payments among individuals, firms and financial institutions from […]

The CBDC Broadcast Session #8

Aligning Technology with Policy: A Look at the Recent Oliver Wyman Forum and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Report   Wednesday 10th August 2022 With:  | Larissa de Lima, Oliver Wyman Forum | Erica Salinas, Amazon Web Services   In previous sessions of The CBDC Broadcast, we focused on the many motivations for rolling out a CBDC, […]

The CBDC Broadcast Session #7

CBDC Motivations and Challenges – A Perspective from Asia-Pacific   Wednesday 20th July 2022 With:  | Masaki Bessho, Bank of Japan | Dr Steven Hu, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore   There are many motivations for rolling out a CBDC, from achieving higher financial inclusion and higher transactional efficiency to preserving monetary sovereignty by compensating for the declining […]

The CBDC Broadcast Session #6

Central Banks and Private Money: The Past, Present and Future   Thursday 30th June With:  | John Kiff, CBDC Think Tank | Harish Natarajan, The World Bank   Throughout history, technological developments, economic growth and the requirement for the effective execution of payments have driven changes to currencies and the financial system- from the first transatlantic […]

The FMI Broadcast Session #3

How Challenger FMIs are Revolutionizing Cross-border Payments   Thursday, 23rd June 2022 With:  | Kazım Rıfat Ozyılmaz, Arf | Dave Sissens,   Cross-border payments have always been in the spotlight. They have been criticized for being slow and costly, unable to cope with the demands for efficient payments among individuals, firms and financial institutions […]
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