The CBDC Broadcast Session #2

Critical policy issues & Lessons Learned from UK and China   Tuesday 15th February 2022 With:  | Keith Bear, University of Cambridge | Jean-Michel Godeffroy, JMG Consulting   In February’s webinar, guests Jean-Michel Godeffroy and Keith Bear explore critical policy issues surrounding CBDCs and take a look at lessons learned from projects and researchers in China […]

The CBDC Broadcast Session #1

Quantifying the Impact of CBDCs   Tuesday 11th January 2022 With:  | Dr Carlos León, FNA | Dr Kimmo Soramäki, FNA   Dr Kimmo Soramäki and Dr Carlos León joined host Will Towning to explain how central banks, commercial banks and other organisations can use simulation technology to understand the impacts of introducing a CBDC? […]
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