Intraday Liquidity Management in Banking – Technology Landscape in Focus

Today’s FNA Talk is dedicated to one of the most important topics for the banking sector with FNA’s President Phillip Straley and Tucker Dona, Head of Business Development and Client Success at Baton Systems examining the technological considerations of intraday liquidity. Background The importance of intraday liquidity is significantly growing for banks – particularly global, […]

Taming COVID-19 Crisis through SupTech

This piece was written by Amanah Ramadiah, a Data Scientist at FNA and published in the Jakarta Post 02/11/20.  The Jakpost FinTech Fest webinar hosted by the Jakarta Post last September concludes that FinTech innovation in Indonesia has the full support from Regulators Bank Indonesia and Financial Services Authority (OJK). As we have now observed […]

COMPETITION: The G20 Monitor Challenge for Students & Universities

Propose a new monitor that could be added to and work with FNA data scientists to implement it during your internship.   FNA’s G20 Monitor The G20 Monitor is built in response to unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 crisis – for which FNA was awarded the first prize in the inaugural edition of the […]

FNA wins the Central Banking Fintech Regtech Award for “Best Data Analytics Partner”

FNA has won the Central Banking FinTech RegTech Global Awards 2020 in the category for “Best Data Analytics Partner” – the second time FNA has won this category.   Dr. Kimmo Soramäki, Founder and CEO at FNA commented: “We are honoured to win this prestigious award, and are proud that FNA’s solutions are being used by […]

Intraday Liquidity Management in Banking – Key Trends and New Opportunities

Today’s FNA Talk is dedicated to one of most important topics for the banking sector – with FNA’s President Phillip Straley, and Jesse Drennan, Senior Vice President at HSBC discussing key developments in the area of intraday liquidity management. Background Active management of intraday liquidity in banks has become much more critical over the decade […]

FNA launches G20 Monitor to help financial institutions and authorities map and monitor the global financial system

London, October 8th, 2020: FNA, a deep technology firm specialising in advanced network analytics and simulations, today announced the launch of its award-winning G20 Monitor.  Built in response to the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, the G20 Monitor enables financial institutions and authorities to monitor the global financial system and economy, map interconnectedness, and […]

TRAINING: Harnessing the Power of Suptech – Register Now

Leveraging FNA’s G20 Monitor in your jurisdiction – an FNA Suptech Training Series  In response to popular demand, FNA has launched a series of hands-on training workshops, focused on enabling central bankers and financial authorities to develop Suptech capabilities that will allow them to tackle key regulatory and supervisory challenges within their jurisdictions as well […]

G20 TechSprint Selects FNA as the Winner for Dynamic Information Sharing in Response to Crisis

London, October 6th, 2020: FNA, a deep technology firm specializing in advanced network analytics and simulations, today announces it has won the G20 TechSprint in the ‘Dynamic Information sharing for Supervisors and Regulators in Response to Crises’ category. The G20 is a collaboration between leaders of the largest economies to discuss financial and socioeconomic issues. […]

FNA Insights – Suptech

We are very excited to launch FNA Insights – a series of short reports focused on key trends and developments shaping the technology and innovation landscapes. The inaugural edition is gathered from the views of over 100 central banking Fintech, Regtech and Suptech specialists from the Americas region, interviewed by FNA in September 2020, and […]

It’s all about data – using advanced analytics as an investigative tool

In response to the popular demand, Nam-Luc Tran from SWIFT and FNA’s Kimmo Soramäki are following-up on their Sibos 2019 presentation in the latest episode of our podcast and webinar series FNA Talk.  

Making the most of Technology during COVID-19: a Central Banker’s Guide

Introduction The COVID-19 crisis of 2020 represents a new and strong source of instability globally, creating a series of financial, operational and conduct risks. This has practical implications for the work of central banks in areas including financial supervision, technological development and operations. To this end, SEACEN and FNA have designed this webinar to equip […]

Liquidity is dead, long live liquidity – a practical guide for intraday liquidity management

“Liquidity is oxygen for a financial system.” – Ruth Porat In a previous article we discussed the precarious position of cash liquidity in the current economic climate. As intraday liquidity represents up to a third of reserves at banks, millions of dollars in annual funding costs are tied to it. In this regard, we highlighted […]
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