Maintaining Resilience during Systemic Disruptions: A User Guide for FMIs and Overseers – Part 1

In today’s FNA Talk, John Hagon, Chief Operating Officer at CLS and FNA’s Adam Csabay discuss how to maintain resilience during systemic disruptions. The first part of the episode focuses on the impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on the FMI landscape; the implications for CLS’ operations and the taxonomy of its response; as well as […]

Five Digital Currency Questions for 2020 – Part 2

Today’s FNA Talk is dedicated to one of the most prominent FinTech themes of 2020 – as together with Daniel Heller from Fnality International we discuss Digital Currencies and their impact and implications. In the second part of the episode we focus on the Impact of Digital Currencies on the Use of Cash, Financial Stability and […]

Newsletter – May 2020

In this issue, exciting news about FNA’s partnership with Fnality International; exclusive insights into our latest research and current projects; and finally, the launch of the FNA Talk – a brand new podcast and webinar series News and Events FNA and Fnality International are pleased to announce a new collaborative partnership. Fnality has been founded […]

Solving for the interconnected risk problem you didn’t know you have

There is a great warning in Against The Gods by Peter Bernstein describing games of chance played by the ancient Greeks and Romans with oblong dice. They attributed  special qualities to certain numbers that came up with greater frequency, not realizing that it was actually the larger surface area on the dice that accounted for […]

Five Digital Currency Questions for 2020 – Part 1

Today’s FNA Talk is dedicated to one of the most prominent FinTech themes of 2020 – as together with Daniel Heller from Fnality International we discuss Digital Currencies and their impact and implications. In the first part of the episode we focus on the Taxonomy of Digital Currencies and their Impact on Payment and Settlement […]

Financial Cartography in RegTech & SupTech during COVID-19 and beyond

In the inaugural episode of the FNA Talk series Kimmo Soramäki and Adam Csabay focus on the RegTech & SupTech applications of financial cartography; discussing how this technology can be used to better understand the impact of systemic disruptions like the COVID-19 crisis, and help to build and maintain the financial as well as operational […]

Can payments data provide us an up-to-date view of supply chains?

Policy makers and business leaders have developed an urgent interest in understanding  supply chains for business disruption, resilience and planning needs. But, finding good data on supply chains is difficult. Fortunately, there may be one untapped data source that enables us to better understand and reconstruct supply chains – payments data. Traditionally, to analyse supply […]

RELATED PARTY ANALYTICS: How close were you to Ronin Capital?

On Friday March 20th, Ronin Capital two central counterparty clearing houses (CCPs) commenced liquidation of Ronin Capital’s portfolios. This failure was due to the downstream effects of COVID-19 on the markets. FNA Related party analytics identified contagion paths that show that over 200 financial institutions could have been negatively impacted. With no end in sight […]

Business Value – the Why of it all!

I have two children, currently aged 12 and 8.  You may be thinking, why is that relevant to Business Value?  One of the best things about children at these early ages is their curiosity, and furthermore, one of the key questions that they consistently ask when given any answer, is WHY?  But they inevitably don’t […]

Synthetic Data is as “real” as historical data!

By Dave Sissens and Phillip Straley It’s ironic that analytics professionals often work in situations with limited data availability, poor data quality, or both. In many cases, large amounts of granular data is available but legal or security concerns make it difficult to access in a timely or secure manner. The current COVID-19 situation, with much […]

Social Distance – and Carry On …

… but beware of those who prey on this new business arrangement. Since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, companies worldwide have had to cope with new business and personnel strategies. These include companies of all sizes adapting to remote work technical requirements and managerial and leadership hurdles. At FNA, we’re blessed that our remote first […]

Mapping Supply Chains: How do I start and where do I get the data from?

The coronavirus pandemic is going to have potentially devastating and lasting impacts on the world’s economy. The main interest is now on assessing and mitigating these impacts. To be able to do that we need to realise that today’s world economy is amazingly complex. A shock hitting one sector in the economy can quickly propagate […]
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