FNA wins the Central Banking Fintech Regtech Award of “Best Analytics Solution Provider”

FNA has won the Central Banking FinTech RegTech Global Awards 2018 in the category of “Best Analytics Solution Provider“. With the emergence of supervisory technology – often referred to as ‘SupTech’ – financial authorities are investigating new approaches to big data analytics. We at FNA believe that the adoption of network analytics is at an […]

FNA in Risktech start-ups: survival of the fittest?

A new breed of vendors could change the face of risk management, if they can hang around long enough   “In 1962, US physicist Thomas Kuhn challenged the belief that scientific progress develops in a linear fashion, instead identifying periods when a field of knowledge is thrown into crisis – old ideas and new fight for acceptance […]

Cutting-edge Financial Analytics Provider FNA Introduces Universal Financial Market Infrastructure Simulation and Stress Testing Solution

PRESS RELEASE Cutting-edge Financial Analytics Provider FNA Introduces Universal Financial Market Infrastructure Simulation and Stress Testing Solution Today, Financial Network Analytics (FNA) announces new, innovative capabilities for the FNA Platform, the first graph analytics platform for financial regulators and institutions. Adding to the more than 250 graph, simulation, and machine learning algorithms, the FNA SaaS […]

FNA Launches the First Graph Analytics Platform for Finance

PRESS RELEASE FNA Launches the First Graph Analytics Platform for Finance   Today, FNA is officially launching the first Graph Analytics Platform for Financial Institutions. The FNA Platform has over 250 graph and machine learning algorithms that allow users to implement advanced analytics solutions to investigate the interconnectedness of data. FNA empowers business analysts to […]

FNA Selected by SWIFT as an Innovative Fintech at Sibos 2017

The team at FNA is shining their shoes and packing suits to look on point and anticipate a lot of activity at Sibos in Toronto, Canada the 16-19 of October. FNA is thrilled to have been chosen to the exclusive group in the Fintech Marketplace Discovery Zone. Kimmo Soramaki, the Founder and CEO of FNA, […]

Network Theory and Analytics Training for Central Banks and FMIs

Conducted by Kimmo Soramaki & hosted by Central Banking Publications and Kimmo Soramaki of FNA along with the Central Banking Publications and are excited to announce the launch of the first two day public ‘hands-on’ training course on “Network Theory and Analytics”. This course will take place from the 1st – 2nd November 2017 at the Radisson Blu Edwardian […]

FNA in – This tangled web: banks seek to contain systemic model risk

  Network studies are being used to identify model dependencies and concentrations   Ask any bank risk manager about interconnectedness and the conversation will quickly turn to the complex interlinkages that tie the fortunes of one firm to those of other financial institutions. Yet this preoccupation with external threats may have blinded risk managers to […]

FNA in The Wall Street Journal: New Tools Give Better Picture, Literally, of Financial-System Risk

“Kimmo Soramäki has seen something strange happening in U.S. house prices. The math behind his findings is fiendishly complex, but he can show the results to anyone in seconds. Mr. Soramäki is a specialist in a kind of financial mapmaking: He takes a complex analysis of the relations between financial institutions or markets, and by […]

Webinar with FNA and Cloudera: Reduce risk and improve insight through advanced graph analytics

“In business, how do you get to see the bigger picture that leads to insight? If your data is incomplete or spread across an ever-growing number of silos, how accurate is your vision? For hedge funds, regulators, asset managers, and many more in the financial industry, where risk is an inherent part of business, this […]

[Video] FNA’s CEO Dr. Kimmo Soramäki: Stress testing correlation networks

Dr Kimmo Soramäki: Stress testing correlation networks from Cambridge Judge Business School on Vimeo.

Journal of Network Theory in Finance: A network-based method for visual identification of systemic risks

Journal of Network Theory in Finance A network-based method for visual identification of systemic risks Samantha Cook, Kimmo Soramäki and Alan Laubsch “Financial markets provide vast numbers of signals about the performance of companies, banks, assets and economies. These signals can be used by risk managers and regulators to better understand economic dependencies, correlations and phase transitions. In […]

[Video] IFTA Webinar Series – Financial Cartography: Interconnections in Financial Markets

“As the financial markets becomes more complex, traditional methodologies have failed and new ones aiming to understand the interconnected dynamics in financial markets are emerging. Dr. Kimmo Soramäki will discuss how Network Science can help map the development of interconnections in financial markets and portfolios over time, and how this can be used to identify […]
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