Episode 1: Quantifying the Impact of CBDCs

11th January 2022

Dr Kimmo Soramäki and Dr Carlos León joined host Will Towning to explain how central banks, commercial banks and other organisations can use simulation technology to understand the impacts of introducing a CBDC? The presentations covered: 

  • A brief introduction to simulating payment systems
  • The advantages of using an agent-based model for modelling complex adaptive systems
  • FNA’s model for simulating CBDCs [link to research paper]
  • How FNA’s simulator works and how it can help organisations understand the impacts of introducing a CBDC

The presentations also include a brief demonstration of the CBDC Simulator.


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Episode Guests:

Dr Kimmo Soramäki

Founder & CEO, FNA

Kimmo has been working with Central Banks for over 25 years. This work led him to found FNA in 2013 to solve important issues around financial risk and for exploring the complex financial networks that play a continually larger role in the world around us.

Dr Carlos León

Director of Advanced Analytics and Simulations, FNA

Carlos is responsible for FNA’s CBDC simulation solutions. He also provides expertise on banking liquidity stress testing. Carlos has previously worked for Banco de la República as a Senior Researcher and as a short-term expert for the International Monetary Fund. 


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