• Talk: It’s all about data – using advanced analytics as an investigative tool
  • By  Nam-Luc Tran (SWIFT) and Kimmo Soramaki (FNA)
  • Mon, Sep 23 at 15:00 – 15:45
  • SWIFT Room 1, Sibos at ExCeL London
  • Link to Sibos program

Five years ago FNA’s Chief Scientist Samantha Cook and I were the first external researchers to tap into the SWIFT global payments data. The data was provided by SWIFT institute as part of its mission to fund independent research and bring together academics and practitioners to inform, debate and learn from each other.

We drew a number of insights from the data ranging from identifying what came to be known de-risking, to measuring the cost of the Great Financial Crisis and identifying and visualising backbone payment corridors. The research was published as a SWIFT institute working paper and parts of the research were highlighted by SWIFT CEO Gottfried Liebbrandt at his opening remarks in Sibos Boston in 2014 (above).

This year Nam-Luc Tran from SWIFT and I will be presenting updated and much expanded results spanning five more years of data. Hope to see you there!

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