FNA’s CEO, Kimmo Soramäki recently participated in a panel discussion with Kent Business School’s Fintech and AI group. 


Kimmo joined other industry leaders including. Manual Morales (professor at the Université de Montréal, venture capitalist and founder of Max Holding, Tim Latif, and Ramin Okhrati (University College London) to discuss:


  • New disruptive Fintech technologies
  • Regulation
  • Investment in Fintech
  • Education & more


 Kent Business School Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor of Finance and Fintech Hirbod Assa moderated the event. 

You can catch up with the event here: 


10:36: (FNA at 14:00) Introduction

30:56: (FNA at 38.23) The challenges and benefits of AI in banking and the implications for supervisors and regulators?

1:01:00: (FNA at 1.08.29) The future of artificial intelligence, Suptech and Regtech in banking and insurance? 

1.27:00: Networking and follow up. 

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