Press release – 21 December 2020

FNA today announced the results of the inaugural G20 Monitor Challenge for Students and Universities.

Chosen from over 200 submissions, two winners and two runner-ups have been selected for their proposals of new dashboards to be added to using one or more of the publicly available datasets relevant to the central banking or broader regulatory community.

About the G20 Monitor:

The G20 Monitor is a solution built in response to unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 crisis – for which FNA was awarded the first prize in the inaugural edition of the G20 TechSprint hosted by the Bank for International Settlements’ Innovation Hub and the G20 Saudi Presidency.

The solution – developed in collaboration with a panel of regulators – is a collection of 10 monitors with over 25 interactive dashboards to explore and monitor the global financial system. The monitors include the ability to track interconnectedness of the financial system, cross-border links of individual companies and how mobility and policy responses have correlated with COVID epidemiological data – to name a few.

The G20 Monitor Challenge is part of FNA’s academic collaboration program focused on providing tools, data and resources to universities for collaboratively solving challenges faced by policy makers and financial institutions in today’s challenging environment, and for training the next generation of leaders.

FNA is a proud partner of over 25 leading universities and centres of research excellence.


Katerina Rigana from Universita della Svizzera Italiana for the proposal entitled “Causality Networks and Contagion Estimation in Currency Markets”

Edoardo Giovannini from LUISS Guido Carli for the proposal entitled “SMEs Watcher”


Jakub Schrimpel from University of Amsterdam for the proposal entitled “Identification of internal MREL requirements in the cross-border banking”

Giuseppe Matera from University of Edinburgh for the proposal entitled “Diversify et Impera: Money Market Funds Portfolio Overlaps”

Winners and runner-ups will receive financial prizes, and be invited to work on the development of their proposals during an industry data science internship with FNA in 2021.

Dr. Kimmo Soramaki, Founder and CEO of FNA said: “We have been truly impressed with the quality of the submitted proposals – and are pleased that the G20 Monitor Challenge has served as a platform to identify and recognise innovation that is able to address real needs in the financial industry. This year’s winners clearly demonstrate strong potential in helping the industry to tackle critical issues and challenges – and FNA looks forward to supporting them in their work”

In response to popular demand, FNA has decided to host a second edition of the G20 Monitor Challenge in 2021. Follow FNA on LinkedIn to be alerted once details are announced in Q1 2021.

About FNA:

FNA is a deep technology company and a leader in Supervisory Technology (Suptech) and Regulatory Technology (Regtech). Its mission is to make the financial system safer and more efficient.

After the financial crisis of 2007-2008, regulators and supervisors recognized the interconnected nature of financial systems and now have access to large amounts of granular, structured and unstructured data. FNA’s technology operationalizes this data by utilizing advanced network analytics, simulation and machine learning techniques.

FNA’s clients include the world’s largest financial authorities, infrastructures and institutions.

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