FNA recently co-hosted a Suptech and Regtech training series with CMELA, the Centre for Latin American Monetary Studies. 


The interactive training sessions introduced Central Bankers to the key foundations and new applications on innovative technologies including AI and Machine Learning, Big Data, DLT, Cloud as well as Network Analytics and the opportunities and challenges presented by their implementation. 


The five day event featured presentations and hands-on workshops covering an overview of Regtech and Suptech trends as well as discussions around emerging key topics including: 

  • Technological Foundations and Building Blocks of Suptech and Regtech
  • New Applications of Granular Supervisory and Payments Data
  • Modelling the Impacts and the Implications of CBDCs
  • How to make the most of Alternative and Open Data in Supervisory Analysis
  • New Frameworks and Technologies for AML, Anti-Fraud and Cyber Analytics


Presenting alongside the FNA team were contributors from leading central banks, universities and private sector organisations. Presenters included: Bank of Mexico’s Serafin Martinez Jaramillo, Bank of Lithuania’s Ramunas Baravykas, Georgetown University’s Patrick McCarthy, Bank of Canada’s Scott Hendry, ECB’s Per Nymand-Andersen, RegulAItion’s Sally Sfeir Tait and the Bank of England’s Manit Sahib. 


FNA’s Suptech Lead, Adam Csabay commented, “We really appreciate that the colleagues from CEMLA invited us to work together on this training series. The event provided an excellent – and much needed- platform to discuss the key Suptech and Regtech trends and developments shaping innovation within the central banking and supervisory landscape. Many thanks to all the speakers for their thought-provoking presentations and hands-on workshops; as well as to the nearly 200 delegates for their active contributions, questions and comments. It was a truly enriching experience.”


If you’d like to continue the conversation or find out more about FNA’s Suptech solutions and training opportunities, visit our Suptech page or get in touch with Adam Csabay.

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