Data Science in Economics and Finance for Decision Makers with ECB’s Per Nymand-Andersen. 

In this latest episode of the FNA Talks podcast series, the ECB’s Per Nymand-Andersen joins FNA’s Suptech Lead, Adam Csabay to discuss one of the most awaited Fintech publications of 2021: Data Science in Economics and Finance for Decision Makers. 

Per – who edited and co-authored the book – and Adam review the key themes of the book and highlight its practical contributions, as well as discuss the role that data science will play in the post-Covid world. 

Per’s book, published in March this year, provides an overview of how digital transformation and data science can support decision making and offers a variety of perspectives on managing digital data. 

FNAers Kimmo Soramäki, Ivana Ruffini, Mikhail Oet, Tuomas Takko and Adam Csabay contributed to the book with a chapter entitled Prudential Stress Testing in Financial Networks – that provides a taxonomy of organisation problems facing organisations operating in financial markets and offers a comprehensive approach to information system design that address stress testing in networks. Read More

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00:00 – Introduction

01:08 – Why does data science matter for decision-makers in 2021?

05:01 – How can data science help us tackle the impacts and implications of disruptions like the Covid-19 crisis?

08:31 – In what ways is data science transforming the work of central banks?

11:57 – To what extent is a cross-sectoral collaboration (between e.g. technology companies and central banks) needed to explore the opportunities provided by data science?

13:43 – What are the key questions that your book aims to answer?

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