FNA Talks Women in Fintech & Suptech with the European Banking Authority

European Banking Authority’s Slavka Eley joins host FNA’s Isabella Ivanov to discuss her experience as a woman in finance and the role women will play in the industry in the future.

Slavka Eley joined the European Banking Authority in 2013 and currently leads the Banking Innovation and Products Unit, responsible for the EBA’s work on financial Innovation, digital finance, capital market union and sustainable finance. As part of her current role, she leads the EBA project team on sustainable finance. Additionally, Slavka represents the EBA at European and international working groups, including the FSB Financial Innovation Network, the European Commission’s Platform on Sustainable Finance and Basel Committee’s Taskforce on Climate Risk.

Over the past few years, Slavka has chaired different working groups at the EBA, such as the Network on Sustainable Finance, the Sub-group on Risk Assessment Systems, the mandate to develop the European Supervisory framework and the Subgroup on supervisory Effectiveness and Convergence.

Before joining the EBA, Slavka worked for the National Bank of Slovakia as the Head of Supervisory Division for Banks with Advanced Risk Management Approach, responsible for supervising all large banks in Slovakia.

Slavka holds an MBA in general management from the City University of Seattle and a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Physics from the Comenius University Bratislava.



00:00:00 Introduction

00:00:26 Slavka’s Role at EBA and Introduction to EBA

00:02:02: What topics are you focusing on under the Digital Finance work

00:03:31: Education and the background to your current role

00:07:40: Is diversity an issue in the industry anecdotally speaking

00:12:53: Importance of diversity in Technology and finance


With conversations and advice from influential women across the Fintech sector, the FNA Talks miniseries, Women in Fintech & Suptech, aims to bring awareness to the role women play within the financial industry and the importance of gender diversity within the sector.

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