FNA Talks Women in Fintech & Suptech with the New York Stock Exchange 

New York Stock Exchange, Stacey Cunningham joins host, FNA’s Isabella Ivanov, to discuss Stacey’s role at the New York Stock Exchange and her experience as a woman in a traditionally male-dominated sector.

Stacey Cunningham is President of the NYSE Group and a member of the executive management committee of the parent company, Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE). NYSE Group includes the New York Stock Exchange, the world’s largest equity exchange and premier venue for capital raising, as well as a diverse range of equity and equity options exchanges. 

Prior to being named NYSE President, Cunningham served as NYSE Chief Operating Officer and has held several senior positions at global exchanges. Cunningham has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University and currently sits on the  Board of Directors for Catalyst and the Partnership of New York City. 


00:00:21: Stacey’s Background and Role

00:03:12: Stacey’s current work focus and day to day role

00:05:44: Is Gender diversity an issue?

00:10:26: How has the lack of diversity influenced your actions?

00:14:00: Importance of diversity in finance

00:16:24: What steps we can take to minimize the gender gap?

00:19:12: What will the role of women be in Finance over the next 10 years?

00:20:03: What steps can women in the younger generations take?

00:22:11: What is your final advice for women in STEM?


With conversations and advice from influential women across the Fintech sector, the FNA Talks mini-series, Women in Fintech, aims to bring awareness to the role women play within the financial industry and the importance of gender diversity within the sector.

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