Suptech: Loan Data Analytics


Wednesday 31st August | 14:00 (BST)

Big data and advanced analytics is permeating the central banking sector, and the collection and use of granular loan data in Suptech has become a key priority for supervisors, leading to the development of FNA’s Loan Data Analytics solution. 

The solution uses FNA’s advanced network analytics platform to help central bankers quickly identify problems that could result in systemic instability. It operationalizes granular loan data to provide regulators with visibility over the structure of interbank networks and an understanding of emerging credit and contagion within banking networks. 

FNA’s Loan Data Analytics solution was recently applied alongside other use cases to Project Ellipse, a pioneering Suptech project that delivered a prototype of an integrated data and analytics platform built in partnership with the Bank for International Settlements and the Monetary Authority of Singapore. 

Join FNA’s Chief Product Officer, Florian Loecker and Data Science Lead Amanah Ramadiah for the first of FNA’s Tech Showcase series as we take an exclusive deep dive into our Loan Data Analytics solution. In this session, we will explore the solution’s key features and its benefits for systemic credit risk monitoring. 


To request a space, please register your details, and we’ll confirm your spot shortly: 

Please note, that attendance is limited to Central Bank employees only. 


10 Mins: Introduction to the Solution with Florian Loecker

15 Mins: Tech Showcase and Demo with Amanah Ramadiah

15 Mins: Q&A: Our host and speaker answer your questions




Amanah Ramadiah 

Data Science Lead, FNA

Amanah is the Data Science Lead at FNA who leads the delivery and the development of FNA’s SupTech (Supervisory Technology) solutions to central banks in the Asia region. She is also the Co-Developer of FNA’s Agent-Based Simulation of Central Bank Digital Currencies. 

Amanah holds a Ph.D. in Computational Finance from University College London. Her main research interest is systemic risk, financial stability, and digital money.

She collaborates actively with researchers at various regulatory bodies and policy institutions around the world. In the past, Amanah was a Ph.D. (research) intern at the Bank of England and at the International Monetary Fund.

She also holds an MSc in Financial Risk Management from University College London and a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Universitas Ind




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