In this issue, exciting news about FNA’s partnership with Fnality International; exclusive insights into our latest research and current projects; and finally, the launch of the FNA Talk – a brand new podcast and webinar series

News and Events

FNA and Fnality International are pleased to announce a new collaborative partnership. Fnality has been founded by a consortium of financial institutions to create a network of decentralised Financial Market Infrastructures to deliver the means of payment-on-chain in tomorrow’s wholesale banking markets. Fnality will use FNA’s data analytics capabilities to perform various impact analyses and simulations that will be an essential ingredient in the regulatory approval process. 

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Brussels’ edition of the two day training course Network Analytics, Big Data and Machine Learning hosted in partnership with Central Banking Publications and tutored by our CEO Kimmo Soramäki has been rescheduled to 28 and 29 October 2020.

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Industry Insights

How close were you to Ronin Capital?
Our Managing Director of Advanced Analytics Ivana Ruffini reveals how FNA Related Party Solution identified contagion paths that show that over 200 financial institutions could have been negatively impacted by liquidation of Ronin Capital’s portfolios.

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Synthetic data is as “real” as the historical data!
Our President Phillip Straley and Global Head of FMIs Dave Sissens discuss how to make the most of synthetic data to keep the work going on at the time of the COVID-19 lockdown.

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How to use payments data to map and monitor supply chains?
Our Data Scientist Lubos Pernis provides a series of practical tips for how to use payments data to better understand and reconstruct supply chains, making business operations more resilient against the impact of systemic disruptions like COVID-19.

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We are very excited to announce the launch of the “FNA Talk: A Technology Update with FNAers and Friends”. In this series of podcasts and webinars we will be drawing upon the expertise of key FinTech, RegTech and SupTech authorities to discuss the trends and developments shaping the innovation landscape.

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More News

Agent-Based Simulation of CBDCs

Agent-Based Simulation of CBDCs: A Research Paper by Amanah Ramadia, Marco Galbiati and Kimmo Soramäki Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) have seized global attention, featuring broadly in central bank strategies.  Today, 87 central banks are currently looking to introduce digital currencies in the near future, however the impacts of CBDCs are still relatively unknown.  Many […]

The CBDC Broadcast

About the series The introduction of CBDCs is getting closer, with 63 central banks looking to introduce digital currencies in the near future. However, there are still many outstanding questions concerning topics such as financial stability, fee income, deposit outlays, disintermediation, monetary policy and financial stability. Covering the latest CBDC related news, events and input from […]

Network Sensitivity of Risk

By Amanah Ramadiah, Domenico Di Gangi, D. Ruggiero Lo Sardo, Valentina Macchiati, Tuan Pham Minh, Francesco Pinotti, Mateusz Wilinski, Paolo Barucca and Giulio Cimini.   The paper, ‘Network Sensitivity of Systemic Risk’, explores how propagation dynamics depend on the topological details of an underlying network. It provides detailed understanding of the interplay between systemic risk […]
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