Today’s FNA Talk is dedicated to one of the most important topics for the banking sector with FNA’s President Phillip Straley and Tucker Dona, Head of Business Development and Client Success at Baton Systems examining the technological considerations of intraday liquidity.


The importance of intraday liquidity is significantly growing for banks – particularly global, systemically important banks – largely as a function of organizational complexity, funding costs associated with liquidity, and regulatory requirements.

From an organizational perspective, intraday liquidity is needed to facilitate payment operations for a large and diverse number of business lines such as capital markets, retail and corporate banking to name a few.

While funding costs have historically been lower in priority, the recent downward pressure on ROI as a result of increased competition and a challenging market environment has increased awareness of the associated costs of funding liquidity.

And finally central banks and supervisors across the globe are much more aware of the interconnectedness of markets and contagion risks as a result of credit and liquidity crunches and the impact on the economy. As such there has been increased attention on liquidity and intraday liquidity (examples include BIS’ BCBS144, and BCBS248 as well as the Federal Reserve’s SR10-6 and SR14-1).


00:00 – Introduction

02:19 – What does the landscape of technology look like for intraday liquidity management for banks in today’s market?

05:08 – From a technology enablement perspective what are some of the main building blocks for intraday liquidity? 

07:18 – Looking at the evolution of intraday liquidity technology at banks what are some of the key elements that define operational maturity?

10:45 – Looking forward to the next 1-2 years, what are some of the key priorities that banks need to keep in mind to maintain a robust intraday liquidity management program?

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