The second edition of Network Theory and Financial Risk is available to order now. 


Written by FNA’ers Samantha Cook and Kimmo Soramäki, this new edition of Network Theory and Financial Risk provides a solid background in network theory and also looks at new innovations in network science. New chapters and case studies explore supervisory & regulatory technology (Suptech & Regtech), digital currencies, anti-money laundering (AML), fraud investigations and cyber security. 

The book, first published in 2016, provides practitioners as well as researchers with an essential hands-on guide to analysing and modelling financial networks. It offers an in-depth introduction to network theory while providing a concise overview of how methodologies can be applied to answer questions around financial risk. 

This new edition features contributions from the wider FNA team, including Adam Csabay, Dr Amanah Ramadiah, Ivana Ruffini, Lubos Pernis, Matteo Neri and Chloe Wang. FNA’s Will Towning edited the book, and former FNA’ers Oliver Kraft and Riccardo Maraccioli also provided input and recommendations. 

The models covered in this book can be implemented using FNA Software, and are all used as part of FNA’s client engagements. 

The book is now available online to Riskbooks’ subscribers and a physical copy can be purchased via the Riskbooks website.

Readers can enjoy 25% off the book using discount code NTFR225 (*valid for the next three months from April 2022)

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