Critical policy issues & Lessons Learned from UK and China


15th February 2022

In February’s webinar, guests Jean-Michel Godeffroy and Keith Bear explore critical policy issues surrounding CBDCs and take a look at lessons learned from projects and researchers in China and the UK. The presentations covered: 

  • The difference between retail CBDC and Wholesale CBDC
  • Why Central Banks are looking at issuing CBDCs and what can they do to attack users
  • CBDC Design: is blockchain a requirement? What about the difference between two-tier and single-tier models and the growth of privately issued digital money?
  • Balancing anonymity and privacy


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Session #2 Guests

 Jean-Michel Godeffroy

President, JMG Consulting & Former Director-General, ECB

Jean-Michel Godeffroy is an expert in international payments with experience spanning nearly 40 years. He has spent 16 years at the European Central Bank where he worked as Director-General and served as the chairman of the TARGET2 Securities Board as well as the Deputy Head of Policy Division of the European Monetary Institute (EMI). Jean-Michel has also worked with organisations including the Bank of New York and Banque de France as an Economics lecturer at Sciences Po.


 Keith Bear

Fellow at the Centre of Alternative Finance, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Keith is a Fellow at the Centre of Alternative Finance focused on research, industry collaboration and development of Blockchain, Digital Assets and Fintech innovation within Financial Services. He is working actively on CCAF’s focus on digital asset research and applying AI/ML to deliver machine-readable regulation for the financial services industry. He also teaches on CBDC on CCAF’s online course for global regulators. 


Resources and Links


  • The Federal Reserve Releases Long-Awaited report on the potential for US CBDC  Read more > 
  • HSBC and IBM test interoperable multi-ledger CBDC Read More > 
  • BIS releases report of CBDCs in Latin America and the Caribbean Read More > 
  • BIS Innovation Hub London to launch retail CBDC project in 2022 Read More >
  • Payments Canada releases paper exploring wholesale CBDC developments in Australia, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia Read More >


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Critical policy issues & Lessons Learned from UK and China

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