New Digital Currencies Shaping the Future of Money


Thursday 21st September


| Sharmyn Powell, Chairperson, Fintech Working Group, East Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB)


Sharmyn Powell (ECCB) joined session #20 of The CBDC Broadcast to discuss the promise and perils of emerging digital currencies.

Drawing upon her deep expertise, Sharmyn shared her perspective on how digital currencies, from rCBDCs to stablecoins and tokenized deposits, are changing the payment ecosystem and offered insight into the Dcash rCBDC project. 

The session covered: 

  • The main motivation for rolling out DCash and an update on DCash adoption
  • The factors driving/curbing DCash adoption, including education, internet access and use cases
  • Why digital monies like cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and retail CBDCs have seen limited adoption so far
  • The role of regulators and supervisors regarding digital currencies
  • How digital currencies can foster innovation and benefit the public
  • how can CBDCs and vehicles like DCash replicate the benefit cash offers at-risk groups


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Session #20 Guests

Sharmyn Powell

Chairperson, Fintech Working Group, East Caribbean Central Bank 


Sharmyn Powell

Chairperson, Fintech Working Group, East Caribbean Central Bank 


Ms Sharmyn Powell has been employed at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank for over 25 years and currently holds the position of Chief Risk Officer.

She leads the Office of Corporate Strategy and Risk Management with responsibility for Enterprise Risk Management, Compliance, Strategic Plan development and monitoring and Business Continuity Management.

Prior to assuming this role, she served in various capacities at the Bank including, Deputy Director, Accounting Department, Director, Currency Management Department and Director, Support Services Management Department. She is the Chairperson of the Bank’s Fintech Working Group, which is leading the implementation of the DCash Pilot Project for the issuance of a block-chain based digital version of the EC Currency.

Ms Powell is a Certified Accountant (ACCA), and also carries the designations of Chartered Director (C. Dir) and Audit Committee Certified (A.C.C).


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