Exploring Project Rosalind


Wednesday 25th October | 2 pm (UK)


| Danny Russell (Bank of England)

| Catherine Gu (Visa)


There are many challenges surrounding the development of CBDCs, from maximizing interoperability to encouraging public-private sector collaboration and driving consumer adoption. 

Aiming to address these challenges is the BIS Innovation Hub London’s Project Rosalind- a joint experimentation with the Bank of England which aims to develop prototypes for an application programming interface that could best enable a Central Bank ledger to interact with private sector service providers to enable the safe provision of retail payments. 

To offer further insight into Rosalind- named after British Scientist Rosalind Franklin and her work regarding DNA sequencing, guests Danny Russell (Bank of England) and Catherine Gu (VISA) joined FNA for Session #21 of the CBDC Broadcast. 

In this session, we discussed the motivations behind the project and how it allows for further experimentation with CBDC design and interoperability, as well as the importance of public and private sector collaboration, drawing on the role of VISA and other private sector partnerships.



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Session #21 Guests

Danny Russell

Head of Digital Currency Technology, Bank of England 

Danny Russell is the Head of Digital Currency Technology at the Bank of England.

Previously he was Principal Architect for the Digital Pound leading the technology workstream in the digital pound project, and in particular the Technology Working Paper published in February 2023, and Project Rosalind, released in June 2023 which was a joint initiative with the BIS Innovation Hub to explore API technology for CBDC payments.  

Before joining the Bank, he was Director of Product for Crypto, Digital Currencies and Blockchain globally at FIS. He has previously been a member of the W3C payment request working group and PCI working group for the CPOC (Contactless payments on COTS) standard.

Catherine Gu

Head of CBDC and Protocols, Visa

Catherine Gu is Visa’s Global Head of CBDC and Protocol, building digital payment and digital currencies solutions with central banks, financial partners and global infrastructure technology companies. 

Prior to Visa, she spent 2 years on stablecoin research while studying at Stanford University with Prof. Dan Boneh. She also worked at two crypto startups: Anchorage and Gauntlet. Prior to crypto, Catherine worked at J.P. Morgan and Man Group in quantitative finance. 

Catherine graduated with M.S. in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University, and First Class B.A. and M.Phil in Economics from Trinity College,


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