The Next Frontier of Payments

Thursday 16th November


| Joachim Samuelsson (CEO, Crunchfish)

| Sunil Karkera (Product Director, Digital Payments IDFC First Bank)


In today’s digital world, consumers expect seamless omnichannel banking and payment experiences, including the ability to make transactions offline. However, enabling secure approaches to offline payments presents many technological challenges. We aim to address some of these challenges in Session #22 of the CBDC Broadcast, with guests Joachim Samuelsson (Crunchfish) and Sunil Karkera (IDFC First Bank) joining FNA to explore cutting-edge approaches to offline payments and how partnerships between fintechs and banks can deliver innovative solutions. 

Our guests shared insights into making offline payment systems scalable for mass adoption as we learned about the development and integration of such systems at an enterprise scale. Together, we also discussed considerations around consumer education and merchant onboarding when it comes to launching advanced payment technology.


The session covered:

  • The use-cases and stability of offline payments
  • Techniques for encrypting data and verifying transactions securely offline
  • The technology behind offline transactions with the Digital Cash SKD to which IDFC First bank has access
  • Feedback from pilot users and QR code technology for payments


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Session #22 Guests

Joachim Samuelsson

CEO, Crunchfish

Joachim Samuelsson is the CEO of Crunchfish, a deep tech company from Malmö, Sweden, focused on offline payments and gesture recognition. Joachim is a serial entrepreneur and tech pioneer. He has experience from building several successful businesses and holds many patents within digital payments and communications.

Sunil Karkera 

Product Director, Digital Payments, IDFC First Bank

Sunil Karkera, Sr Product Manager with IDFC FIRST Bank (One of the leading banks in India) a Digital first bank. He has been focusing on new Initiatives such as IMPS, UPI, CBDC (India) etc and also has experience in building a vast product suite in the payment domain focusing on domestic retail payments in India.


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