The Digital Pound: What’s Next

Thursday 29th February | 3 pm


| Jannah Patchay (Executive Director, Policy Lead & Originating Member of the Digital Pound Foundation)

| Elise Soucie (Director of Global Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Global Digital Finance)


Guests Elise Soucie (Global Digital Finance) and Jannah Patchay (Digital Pound Foundation) joined the CBDC Broadcast to discuss what’s next for the Digital Pound as we asked how the Bank of England can build trust in the digital currency, what they can do to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place to maintain stability, and when we can expect to see a UK CBDC.

The session follows the Digital Pound Foundation’s submission to the Bank of England’s Discussion paper, outlining key considerations for developing a regulatory framework for digital forms of money, including stablecoins and CBDCs. 

We’ll also look beyond the UK to explore what can be learned from other digital currency initiatives worldwide, to examine what advantages the UK has in pioneering this technology and the opportunity programmability brings for innovation and smart contracts.


The Session Covered: 

  • The use case for a Digital Pound
  • How a UK CBDC that is seamlessly interchangeable with other forms of money would work in practice
  • The role of banks and other payment system providers in the Digital Pound Project
  • Programmability and smart contracts  in regards to the development of a Digital Pound
  • How a Digital Pound could counter fraud and scams


Watch on-demand:


Session #23 Guests

Jannah Patchay

Executive Director, Policy Lead & Originating Member of the Digital Pound Foundation


Elise Soucie

Director of Global Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Global Digital Finance

Sunil Karkera, Sr Product Manager with IDFC FIRST Bank (One of the leading banks in India) a Digital first bank. He has been focusing on new Initiatives such as IMPS, UPI, CBDC (India) etc and also has experience in building a vast product suite in the payment domain focusing on domestic retail payments in India.


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