CBDC Motivations, Challenges and Design Choices- A perspective from the UK and Canada


Thursday 28th April 2022

There are many motivations for rolling out a CBDC, from achieving higher financial inclusion and higher transactional efficiency to preserving monetary sovereignty by compensating for the declining use of cash, and by countering the entrance of new private forms of digital currencies.

Each country has a different set of features and objectives that influence a CBDC’s design, making the roll-out a tailored process.

In this fourth session of FNA’s CBDC Broadcast, we talk to Dr Francisco Rivadeneyra from the Bank of Canada and Mehregan Ameri from the Bank of England to gain an insight into CBDCs from a G7 perspective




Session #4 Guests


 Dr Francisco Rivadeneyra

Director of CBDC & FinTech Policy and Research, Bank of Canada

As the Director of CBDC & FinTech Policy and Research, Francisco leads a team developing policy advice in the areas of Central Bank Digital Currency, electronic money and payments, and the impact broader financial innovations could have on Central Banks. Francisco is also an active researcher exploring the intersection of technology, payments and finance. His current research studies the security and convenience trade-off of digital currencies and the use of artificial intelligence in the liquidity management problem of commercial banks. His previous work has been on the management of domestic debt and foreign reserves for the government of Canada. Francisco holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Chicago.


 Mehregan Ameri

Central Bank Digital Currency Senior Specialist, Bank of England

Mehregan Ameri is a Senior Central Bank Digital Currency Specialist at the Bank of England, working on the economics of CBDCs. Prior to this, she worked at the Financial Conduct Authority with a focus on the regulation of the payment sector. Mehregan’s research is on the redistributive impact of monetary policy, with an interest in financial inclusion. She has previously worked at Goldman Sachs.

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