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The introduction of CBDCs is getting closer, with over 90 central banks looking to introduce digital currencies in the near future.

However, there are many outstanding questions concerning topics such as financial stability, fee income, deposit outlays, disintermediation and monetary policy. Covering the latest CBDC-related news, events and input from the brightest minds in the industry, FNA’s new 60-minute webinar series, The CBDC Broadcast, aims to provide a clear and concise overview of the latest developments in the world of CBDCs.



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10 mins Intro: Our host Carlos León, introduces the session

40 mins Guest speakers: Insight and presentations from guest speakers

10 mins Q&A: Our host and speakers will answer questions from participants




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10th April 2024

Project Helvetia III: Settling Tokenized Assets with a Wholesale CBDC

With: Thomas Mosser (Swiss National Bank) and David Newns (Six Digital Exchange)


27th February 2024

The Digital Pound – What’s Next?

With: Jannah Patchay (Digital Pound Foundation) and Elise Soucie (Global Digital Finance)

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16th November 2023

The Next Frontier of Payments 

With: Joachim Samuelsson (Crunchfish) and Sunil Karkera (IDFC First Bank)

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25th October 2023

Exploring Project Rosalind 

With: Danny Russell (Bank of England) and Catherine Gu (Visa)

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21st September 2023

New Digital Currencies Shaping the Future of Money 

With: Sharmyn Powell (East Caribbean Central Bank)

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6th July 2023

Testing DLT-Based Central Bank Solutions 

With: Aniko Szombati (Magyar Nemzeti Bank) and Chris Ostrowski (SODA)

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29th June 2023

rCBDCs: Real Potential or FOMO?

With: Samuel Eddie Mogensen (Danmarks Nationalbank) and Michal Vodrážka (Czech National Bank)

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21st June 2023

The Future of Money: CBDCs and Beyond

With: Dr Tony Richards (Digital Finance CRC) and Sonja Davidovic (BIS Innovation Hub Singapore)

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24th May 2023

CBDC Offline Capabilities

With: Beju Shah, (BIS Innovation Hub) and Dr Lars Hupel, (Giesecke+Devirent)

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22nd March 2023

CBDCs and Privacy Technology

With: Michael Greco (Digital Dollar Project) and Robert Zev Mahari (MIT University)

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23rd February 2023

Project mBridge: Real-Value Transactions through a Cross-border CBDC Platform

With: Daniel Eidan (Bank for International Settlements) & Ousmène Jacques Mendang (Accenture)

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12th January 2023

Digital Currencies: Coexistence or Competition

With: Catherine Gu (Visa) & Carmelle Cadet (EMTECH)

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8th December 2022

CBDC Interoperability in Cross-border payments

With: John Kiff (Satoshi Capital Advisors) & Simon Chantry (Bitt)

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17th November 2022

CBDC Interoperability, Benefits and Implications- A U.S. Perspective

With: Commissioner Hester M. Peirce (The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission) & Patrick McCarty (Georgetown University)

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5th October 2022

Gaining Momentum: Options for access to and interoperability of CBDCs worldwide

With: Anneke Kosse & Illaria Mattei (Bank for International Settlements)

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29th September 2022

What CBDC features will drive consumers’ and merchants’ adoption?

With: John Velissarios (The Digital Dollar Project) & Raoul Herborg (G+D)

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10th August 2022

Aligning Technology and Policy: The Oliver Wyman Forum and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Report

With: Larissa de Lima (Oliver Wyman Forum) & Erica Salinas (Amazon Web Services)

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20th July 2022

CBDC Motivations and Challenges – A Perspective from Asia-Pacific

With: Masaki Bessho (Bank of Japan) & Dr Steven Hu (Standard Chartered Bank)

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30th June 2022

Central Banks and Private Money: The Past, Present and Future

With: John Kiff (Satoshi Capital Advisors) & Harish Natarajan (The World Bank)

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18th May 2022

CBDC Motivations and Challenges – A Perspective from Latin America

With: Ludmilla Buteau Allien (Bank of the Republic of Haiti) & Dr Adolfo Sarmiento (Central Bank of Uruguay)

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28th April 2022

CBDC Motivations and Challenges- A Perspective from the UK & Canada

With: Dr Francisco Rivadeneyra (Bank of Canada) & Mehregan Ameri (Bank of England)

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16th March 2022

HSBC & IBM’s Joint CBDC Project

With: Mark Williamson (HSBC) & Soren Mortensen (IBM)

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15th February 2022

Critical policy issues & Lessons Learned from UK and China

With: Jean-Michel Godeffroy (JMG Consulting) & Keith Bear (University of Cambridge)

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11th January 2022

Quantifying the Impact of CBDCs

With: Dr Kimmo Soramäki (FNA) & Dr Carlos León (FNA)

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