The Impact of Covid Disruption and CBDCs on Finance and Regulation 

It’s the one topic that’s been on everyone’s mind since the start of 2020, Covid-19. But what impact has disruption had on the financial sector, and what technological innovations have arisen as a result?

In this episode of FNA Talks, Kevin Gardiner, Managing Director and Global Investment Strategist at Rothschild & Co joins host Adam Csabay to highlight the key lessons from the Covid-19 crisis, assess its impact on the future of Fintech and explore the implications of CBDCs on the roles and responsibilities of Central Banks and Financial Services providers.

00:00: Introduction

01:19: To what extent has your business been affected by the COVID-19 crisis, and what key lessons would you highlight for our listeners?

04:05: Has Fintech- or innovative technology in general- provided any useful tools for tackling these disruptions?

05:13: Which key areas should fintech innovation focus on going forward?

08:12: In what ways will the financial industry be affected by developments related to CBDCs and the rise of digital money in general?

11:04: Can the Libras- or digital money issued by BigTechs- challenge Central Banks’ monopoly over monetary policy?


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