Charting a course for Suptech Innovation


Tuesday 25th April 2023


| Arthur Yuen, Deputy Chief Executive, Hong Kong Monetary Authority

| Kimmo Soramäki, Founder & CEO, FNA


As technology continues to transform the financial landscape, regulatory authorities are working to keep pace with the rapidly evolving ecosystem. Many are also seeking to provide leadership in the innovation agenda for the financial communities in their countries and in harnessing technologies for use in their own organizations.

For this session, guest Arthur Yuen joins FNA’s Founder and CEO, Kimmo Soramäki, to offer perspectives on the role of suptech in financial regulation and supervision and explore key challenges and opportunities facing the industry.


Arthur joins the broadcast from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), an early leader in Supervisory Technology and the use of technology across the institution through its Digitalisation Programme. Our second guest, FNA’s founder and CEO, Kimmo Soramäki, is a former longtime central banker and known pioneer in Suptech analytics since long before Suptech was called Suptech.


The session will explore emerging trends in Suptech innovation, including the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain and will examine how these technologies can help regulators to better monitor and manage risks in the financia system. We will also share insights on the importance of collaboration and partnership between regulators, industry participants, and technology providers in driving suptech innovation and shaping the future of financial regulation.


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Session #6 Guests


Arthur Yuen

Deputy Chief Executive, Hong Kong Monetary Authority


Kimmo Soramäki

Founder & CEO, FNA



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