Bridging Data Divides


Thursday 14th September 2023 


| Matei Dohotaru, Senior Financial Sector Specialist (World Bank Group)

| Julapa Jagtiani, Senior Economic Advisor Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia


Session #9 of the Suptech Broadcast brought together Matei Dohotaru, Senior Financial Sector Specialist at World Bank Group and Julapa Jagtiani, Senior Economic Advisor and Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Together, Matei and Julapa will discuss how suptech needs in advanced economies contrast to those in emerging markets and delve into global, collaborative suptech initiatives and their impact. 


The session covered: 

  • Suptech needs in advanced economics versus emerging economies 
  • Roadblocks encountered across the stages of suptech development, from data collection to analytics and visualisation 
  • Cross-country collaboration and further opportunities for collaboration
  • Examples of successful collaboration between Federal Reserve banks in implementing suptech initiatives
  • How the World Bank has worked to bring Suptech solutions to emerging market economies 
  • Advice for regulators and supervisors to boost stakeholder collaboration and partnerships


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Session #9 Guests


Matei Dohotaru

Senior Financial Sector Specialist, World Bank Group

Matei Dohotaru is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist with the “Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation Global Practice” of the World Bank Group, Financial Stability and Integrity Unit. 

Matei provides technical assistance to central banks and financial sector supervisors on financial stability, financial integrity, and digital development of the financial sector, including related to crypto assets. 

Currently, Matei is leading “SupTech Adoption Acceleration” project that aim to support financial sector supervisors to adopt and implement advance SupTech tools. He has participated in several FSAPs covering topics related to crisis management, financial stability, financial inclusion, and integrity. 

Before joining the World Bank, he worked for 11 years as banking supervisor within Central Bank. Diversified work experience in all areas of finance, banking regulation and supervision, leading efforts with international donor organizations to implement reforms, such as CRD-IV (Basel III), IFRS and other international


Julapa Jagtiani

Senior Economic Advisor and Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Julapa Jagtiani is Senior Economic Advisor and Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. 

Julapa is also Central Bank Research Fellow at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and Fellow at the Wharton Financial Institutions Center. 

At the Federal Reserve, Dr. Jagtiani has participated and led several supervisory policy projects – most recently, focusing on fintech innovations and related activities. Has conducted influential research and published her articles in top finance and economics journals.

Her research focus on emerging issues around the use of alternative data and AI/ML, fintech partnership, fintech lending, financial inclusion, and digital currencies. Julapa leads the monthly Fintech Community meetings and annual Fintech Conference at the Philadelphia Fed. 

Julapa received her MBA and PhD in Finance from NYU Stern School of Business, where she held the Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship.



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