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The Suptech Broadcast follows a 60-minute format in which guests provide expert insight into the latest developments and innovations influencing the industry today.

Today, Central Banks and Supervisors have access to vast amounts of granular, structured and unstructured data.

The ability to operationalize this data through automated modeling, analysis and visuzalisation is critical for both macro-and mircoprudential supervision to be effective.

FNA’s new 60-minute broadcast series, The Suptech Broadcast, explores the latest Suptech trends and looks at how the market is evolving to help central banks and policymakers keep abreast of economic and financial risk.



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The Suptech Broadcast will return on 20th April with guests Emran Islam (IMF) and Wiebe Ruttenberg (SecAlliance) joining FNA to discuss Suptech for the Operational Resilience of the Financial System 

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14:00 – 14:10: Intro: Our host Adam Csabay introduces the session

14:00 – 14:50: Guest speakers: Emran Islam (IMF) and Wiebe Ruttenberg (SecAlliance)

14:50 – 15:00 Q&A: Our host and speakers will answer questions from participants

Session #5 Guests




Emran Islam

Senior Financial Sector Expert


Wiebe Ruttenberg 

Director of Strategy



Missed our previous sessions? Watch the series on-demand


The Suptech Broadcast:  9th March

Cyber Risk and its impact on Financial Stability

With: Rafael Gomes (Accenture) and Oliver Wünsch (Oliver Wyman)

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The Suptech Broadcast:  1st December

Cyber Risk and its impact on Financial Stability

With: Patricia C Mosser (Columbia University) and Jason Healey ( US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency)

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The Suptech Broadcast: 3rd November

The Evolution of payments data analytics and alternative data for supervisory purposes

With: Perttu Korhonen (Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority) and Clara Machado (Banco de la República)

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The Suptech Broadcast: 28th September 2022

The Suptech Landscape: Key Trends & End-to-End Solutions

With: Joanne Horgan (Regnology)  and Dr Simone di Castri (Cambridge Suptech Lab)

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