FNA founder and CEO Kimmo Soramaki recently joined presenter Alice Baxter on the BBC World News to discuss the G7’s principles for Retail Central Bank Digital Currencies and explain how simulation and analytics can help Central Banks predict the impact of introducing them into their economies. 


Watch the full interview here:


The guidelines set out by the G7 stating that any digital currency issued by a central bank must ‘do no harm’. Kimmo explained the significance of the G7’s endorsement of CBDCs as the G7 starts to investigate  policy issues surrounding digital currencies. 


Earlier this year, FNA introduced its new CBDC Simulation solution, aimed at helping Central Banks model and simulate the impact of introducing a CBDC and reduce risks associated with their implementation. 


Together with new partners, Giesecke + Devrient, FNA is able to provide unparalleled subject matter expertise and market access across the modelling, simulation and development of CBDCs as the firms focus on building the future of money. 


You can also catch Kimmo discussing the impact of CBDCs on this Global Risk Regulator podcast.

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