FNA’s G20 Monitor Challenge proved to be extremely popular again this year. From the submissions proposing various new dashboards for FNA’s g20monitor.com, we’ve now selected our winner and runner-up for 2022. 

The winning proposals demonstrated a true and thorough understanding of the problems faced by financial authorities and the spirit of FNA’s mission to make the financial system safer and more efficient. So, without further ado, let’s introduce this year’s winners. 



Louis Boucherie, Technical University Denmark

Proposal: Physical Risk Correlation

Climate risk analysis, one of the biggest challenges financial authorities are tackling in today’s climate, is an area to which FNA pays close attention. Louis demonstrated not only a strong understanding of the challenge in measuring climate risk but also the intimately linked nature of weather events in a stochastic world. 


FNA is delighted to invite Louis to develop his proposal further and contribute to FNA’s ongoing research in this area during an internship this year.



Jamshid Ardalankia, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Proposal: Dynamic Network Analysis of the International Transmission of Monetary Policy 

The cross-border transmission of conventional and increasingly unconventional monetary policy is an important systemic risk topic in emerging market economies. The infamous 2013 ‘taper tantrum’ is just one example of monetary transmission impacting global financial conditions. 

Jamshid showed a clear and thorough understanding of the challenges authorities face in anticipating, identifying and addressing international spillovers from monetary shocks. The proposal is a great fit for FNA’s G20 Monitor, and we look forward to welcoming Jamshid to FNA.


The proposal is a great fit for FNA’s G20 Monitor, and we look forward to welcoming Jamshid to FNA. 

Our winner and runner up will receive a financial prize and be invited to develop their proposals during an industry data science internship in 2022. 


Dr Kimmo Soramäki, Founder and CEO of FNA, said, “The proposals submitted by students across the world have once again truly impressed the judging panel. We are delighted the G20 Monitor Challenge has served as a platform to foster innovative thinking and address the real challenges faced by financial authorities. This year’s winners have demonstrated strong potential in helping financial authorities and the industry to tackle these critical issues and challenges. FNA looks forward to supporting them in their work.”


About the G20 Monitor: 

The G20 Monitor is a solution built in response to the unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 crisis- for which FNA was awarded the first prize in the inaugural edition of the G20 TechSprint hosted by the Bank for International Settlements’ Innovation Hub and the G20 Saudi Presidency. 

The solution- developed in collaboration with a panel of regulators- is a collection of 10 monitors with over 25 interactive dashboards to explore and monitor the global financial system. The monitors include the ability to track the interconnectedness of the financial system, cross-border links of individual companies and how mobility and policy responses correlate with COVID epidemiological data- to name a few. 

The G20 Monitor Challenge is part of FNA’s academic collaboration programme focused on providing tools, data and resources to universities for collaboratively solving challenges faced by policymakers and financial institutions in today’s challenging environment for training the next generation of leaders. 

FNA is a proud partner of over 25 leading universities and centres of research excellence. 


About FNA 

FNA is a leader in advanced networked analytics and simulation. 

Its software is used to uncover hidden connections and anomalies in large, complex datasets, to predict the impact of stress events, and to optimally configure financial systems and infrastructures. 

FNA is trusted by the world’s largest central banks,  government authorities, commercial banks and financial infrastructures. 


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