Can Using Software to Map Financial Risks Predict the Next Downturn? FNA’s CEO Dr. Soramäki in Knowledge@Wharton:

“Preparing to face the next financial crisis may well be about doing a better job of anticipating potential risks. Kimmo Soramäki, founder and CEO of the London-based Financial Network Analytics, or FNA, has been doing just that. FNA designs platforms, software and algorithms that help central bankers, regulators and other institutions better visualise complex issues such as interconnectedness, systemic risks and even warning signs of financial crimes like money laundering. Some users, like Canada’s payments and settlements organisation, have used this technology to visualise potential liquidity pressures at banks and help reduce them.

Soramäki founded and serves as editor-in-chief the Journal of Network Theory in Finance, which serves as a forum for central banks and others in the financial services ecosystem to learn new techniques to address risks and share experiences. He started his career as an economist at the Bank of Finland, where in 1997 he developed the first simulation model for interbank payment systems. During the financial crisis of 2007-2008, he advised Group of 10 (G-10) central banks in modelling interconnections and systemic risk.

In a recent conversation with Knowledge@Wharton, Soramäki discussed how modelling, simulations and analytics could help make the financial system safer and more efficient. (He will be discussing how to future-proof financial market infrastructures with artificial intelligence and machine learning at the upcoming Sibos conference in Sydney next month. This interview is part of an editorial collaboration between Knowledge@Wharton and The SWIFT Institute.)”

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