The challenge

Governments must maintain counterterrorism and counterinsurgency capabilities while simultaneously shifting their focus and resources to evaluate and contend with state threats on a global scale.

Current intelligence analysis, information warfare, and operations planning must evolve. Thousands of personnel in these capacities currently leverage manual processes across disparate systems to deliver intelligence assessments and operations planning or simulations based on incomplete data that does not leverage cutting-edge capabilities.


The solution

FNA’s Augmented Targeting solution allows defense and intelligence professionals to automate and deliver intelligence reporting visualization, analysis and operation effects simulation.

Using advanced network analysis and machine learning methods, FNA’s technology leads to higher quality assessments, course of action design, and leadership decision-making.

The benefits

  • Decrease time spent working on visualizations and more time executing mission configured advanced analytics.
  • Leverage machine learning enhanced network science, with a “click”
  • Decrease bias, increase analysis completeness and accuracy, while highlighting non-obvious threats and operational opportunites
  • FNA’s solutions are mission configured, delivering specific answers to specific questions or mission requirements.

Key features

  • Utilize over 300 graph and machine learning algorithms to visually investigate complex networks via customizable dashboards
  • Leverage supervised and unsupervised machine learning to identify non-obvious threats and opportunities
  • Evaluate, simulate, and stress test operations and contingencies by predicting secondary, tertiary and cascading effects of planned actions
  • Monitor networks, not information report keywords; be alerted to abnormalities based on unique mission interests

Use cases:

FNA’s technology is able to combine multiple use cases into a single visualization:

  • Kinetic and non-Kinetic Targeting with Anomaly Detection
  • Targeting or Information Propagation Effects Simulation
  • Counter threat finance investigations and maritime shipping anomaly detection
  • Sanctions Evasions intelligence analysis
  • Critical Infrastructure Network Analysis and Stress Testing
  • Predictive Intelligence Collection Queuing
  • Collection and Knowledge Management
  • Signature Reduction and Identity Management Anomaly Detection
  • Signals Intelligence metadata analytics
  • Human Intelligence Network Management
  • Open Source Intelligence Advanced Analytics

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