The challenge

Prior to the financial crisis of 2007, banks were able to deliver strong ROEs in an era of low regulatory expectations on capital, liquidity & leverage. This has since changed substantially, with the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision making significant changes to its minimum capital and liquidity requirements.

However, these regulatory requirements have become constraints for banks attempting to improve their asset and capital positions.

Yet, advanced analytics and simulation offers new opportunities to make substantial intraday liquidity savings by optimizing visibility, management & steering of payments activity.

The solution

FNA’s Intraday Liquidity Optimisation (ILO) solution equips banks with a new operational framework and supporting technology to build an analytics-driven approach to liquidity optimization.

The solution allows clients to reduce funding costs, reduce customer payment delays, increase intragroup efficiency and enable smoother regulatory compliance.

FNA has a strong record of successfully solving the most complex liquidity challenges for global banks and financial market infrastructures. Our clients include Payments Canada and Bank of England.


The benefits

FNA’s ILO solution delivers a number of business benefits for banks including:

  • Reduce funding costs by >20%
  • Optimize interfaces for priority payment obligations such as CHIPS and CLS
  • Increase opportunity to utilize liquidity elsewhere
  • Improve mapping and monitoring of liquidity usage
  • Model and simulate system and algorithm changes on real payment data
  • Faster adoption and adherence to Basel III standards


Key features

FNA’s ILO solution can be fully configured based on the components required, including:

  • Simulation of liquidity saving mechanisms (LSMs) with the FNA Simulate™ product
  • Forecasting and intraday payment prioritization and management
  • Full monitoring and analytics capability
  • Industry-leading network modeling and visualization
  • Library of liquidity saving algorithms
Payments Canada
“The FNA Platform is unique in the marketplace as it allows us to design, change and monitor a complex system such as our upcoming Lynx interbank payment system”

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