The FNA Platform 3.0 Has Been Published!

We are proud to announce the release of FNA Platform 3.0, the enterprise engine for financial network analytics and visual dashboards. The FNA Platform offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for operationalising the monitoring of various financial networks ranging from counterparty exposures to interconnected financial markets. Our vision is that the platform provides the central infrastructure for many new applications by FNA and our partners.

FNA Platform 3.0 is built for monitoring and analysing exposure networks, CDS networks, payment networks, correlation networks, and many other interconnected financial systems.

  • Contains over 200 different graph and network metrics with full documentation and tutorials
  • Includes specialised algorithms developed in recent research – e.g SinkRank, DebtRank, Core Periphery, etc.
  • Can tap to data from various online sources and connect to enterprise databases or data in .csv files
  • Allows automation of all analytics with scripts, schedulers and via a REST API
  • Is available online, as an enterprise software and on a local installation for research purposes
  • Offers a wide range of user administration and security features (e.g. SSL)

Contact us for a full demo. 

FNA Applications and consulting work by Financial Network Analytics and our partners are developed using the computational and visualisation capabilities of the FNA Platform. A few previews of applications being built using the platform include:

FNA HeavyTails helps asset managers and risk managers identify and communicate emerging risks and design adaptive stress tests. FNA HeavyTails combines advanced network theory and interactive data visualisations to detect hidden patterns in complex financial market data.

FNA PaymentAnalytics helps banks, payment system operators and regulators simulate liquidity and operational risks, evaluate alternative system designs, carry out stress tests and monitor the system in realtime. The solution combines advanced analytics developed particularly for modelling payment systems with beautiful and interactive dashboards. FNA PaymentAnalytics is based on nearly two decades of leading research in modelling financial infrastructures. Its users include the world’s leading financial infrastructures and central banks.

FNA NetworkMaps helps financial institutions explore complex financial data for managing risks, identifying new opportunities and making better, data-driven decisions. The applied methodologies are based on leading research in financial network theory by the firm and its collaborations with top universities. The FNA NetworkMaps dashboard makes advanced analytics readily accessible through its thoughtfully-designed user interface.

For more information and use cases, visit our website at or contact us at

And a final note: Join us next week (8-9 September) for the Financial Risk and Network Theory 2015 conference in Cambridge (UK). The Program includes 36 presentations that uncover and model financial interconnections across a wide range of application areas. Please register by tomorrow to secure your seat (3 September).

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