HSBC and IBM’s joint CBDC Project


16th March 2022

HSBC and IBM recently announced that they successfully designed and tested an interoperable multi-ledger CBDC, securities and foreign exchange settlement capability. Session #3’s guests, HSBC’s Mark Williamson and IBM’s Soren Mortensen joined host Will Towning to offer their views and insights into the project, which forms part of the CBDC experimentations led by the Banque de France (BdF) exploring the Digital Euro. The presentation covered:

  • The successful test of an advanced token and digital wallet settlement capability encompassing direct transactions between two central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) in a hybrid cloud environment
  • How the project executed a complex, multi-asset transactional scenario across ledgers
    • Multi-assets: CBDCs, eBonds (primary and secondary DvP), FX (PvP)
    • Ledgers: IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric & R3’s Corda, integrated using IBM’s Research’s Weaver interoperability tool
  • The key to reducing time and market risks and improving security for transactions between central banks, commercial banks and clients.



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Session #3 Guests


 Mark Williamson

Managing Director, Global Head of FX Partnerships and Propositions, HSBC

Throughout his 30+ year career, Mark has traded, run operations and technology, been a COO and successfully delivered transformation programmes in operations, risk, eCommerce and eTrading. Mark’s role is to assess the use of the ABCDE (Ai, Blockchain, Cloud, Data and Ecosystems) across various existing, new and emerging Digital Currencies and Markets. 

 Soren Mortensen

Director of Global Financial Markets, IBM

Soren has over 25 years of Financial Market experience, delivering mission-critical transformational projects for financial institutions. His responsibilities include the complex transformation of financial institutions and innovation in financial markets, leveraging technologies such as Cognitive and Blockchain, and post-trade initiatives around reference data management, collateral management and OTC derivatives processing.


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