The CBDC Broadcast: Rewind


Catch up on FNA’s new 60-minute webinar, The CBDC Broadcast, hosted by Will Towning.

The webinar covers the latest CBDC-related news and events and features input from the brightest minds in the industry to provide a clear and concise overview of the latest developments in the world of CBDCs. 

Catch up with the series below.


Episode #1: Quantifying the Impact of CBDCs

11th January 2022


How can central banks, commercial banks and other organisations use simulation technology to understand the impacts of introducing a CBDC? Dr Kimmo Soramäki and Dr Carlos León explore how financial organisations can benefit from simulations and introduce FNA’s CBDC Simulator.

With guests:

Dr Kimmo Soramäki

CEO & Founder, FNA

Dr Carlos León

Director of Advanced Analytics and Simulations, FNA

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Episode #2:

15th February 2022


In February’s webinar, guests Jean-Michel Godeffroy and Keith Bear explore critical policy issues surrounding CBDCs and take a look at lessons learned from projects and research in China and the UK.


Jean-Michel Godeffroy

President JMG Consulting, Former Director-General ECB

Keith Bear, 

Fellow, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

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Episode #3:

16th March 22


Guests, Mark Williamson (Managing Director, HSBC) and Soren Mortensen (Director of Global Financial Markets, IBM) offer an exclusive insight into HSBC and IBM’s joint CBDC venture following the recent announcement that they had successfully designed and tested an interoperable multi-ledger CBDC, securities and foreign exchange settlement capability. 


Mark Williamson

Managing Director, Global Head of FX Partnerships and Propositions, HSBC

Soren Mortensen

Director of Global Financial Markets, IBM

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Episode #4: CBDC Motivations, Challenges and Design Choices- A Perspective from the UK and Canada

28th April 22


In this fourth session of FNA’s CBDC Broadcast, we talk to Dr Francisco Rivadeneyra from the Bank of Canada and Mehregan Ameri from the Bank of England to gain an insight into CBDCs from a G7 perspective.


Dr Francisco Rivadeneyra

Director of CBDC & FinTech Policy and Research, Bank of Canada

Mehregan Ameri

Central Bank Digital Currency Senior Specialist, Bank of England

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Episode #5: CBDC Motivations, Challenges and Design Choices- A Perspective from Latin America

18th May 22


Having looked at CBDCs from a G7 perspective, we turn our attention to Latin America as guests Ludmilla Buteau Allien (Bank of the Republic of Haiti) and Dr Adolfo Sarmiento (Central Bank of Uruguay) offer an insight into CBDC challenges and motivations from a Latin American perspective.


Ludmilla Buteau Allien

Assistant Director of the Department of Money and Economic Analysis, Bank of the Republic of Haiti

Dr Adolfo Sarmiento

Head of Economic Policy, Central Bank of Uruguay

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