Aligning Technology with Policy: A look at the recent Oliver Wyman Forum and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Report

Wednesday 10th August 2022, 14:00 (BST)


In previous sessions of The CBDC Broadcast, we focused on the many motivations for rolling out a CBDC, from achieving higher financial inclusion and higher transactional efficiency to preserving monetary sovereignty by compensating for the declining use of cash and by countering the entrance of new private forms of digital currencies.

Session #8 of the CBDC Broadcast featured guests, Larissa de Lima from the Oliver Wyman Forum and Erica Salinas from Amazon Web Services, who joined FNA to discuss their joint report: Retail Central Bank Digital Currency: From Vision to Design. The report sets a framework to support policymakers in evaluating the interdependencies between policy and technological choices and highlights the importance of ensuring CBDC motivations, design principles and policy decisions are properly aligned.

The session covered:

  • The importance of setting the CBDC vision first and the technical and operational parameters second
  • The design principles that impact CBDC design choices and vice versa
  • The benefits that including the private sector can have on CBDC design choices
  • The three key policy trade-offs when designing a CBDC
  • Ledger technologies and CBDCS- what should drive decisions
  • The main risk of introducing a CBDC
  • The integration of CBDCs and digital identity systems for citizens


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Session #8 Guests


Larissa de Lima

Senior Fellow, Oliver Wyman Forum

Larissa is a Senior Fellow with the Oliver Wyman Forum and co-leads the Future of Money initiative. She leads the Forum’s research on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and their impact on the future of financial systems and meets regularly with policymakers of major central banks to discuss those issues.

She previously managed the Forum’s Future of Data Initiative, where she led research on attitudes toward sharing data during the pandemic on how value/profit is created and shared across data ecosystems. Prior to joining the Forum, she worked as a consultant for Oliver Wyman, advising financial services clients on adapting to technological and regulatory change.

Larissa has a Master’s in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School and an MBA from Harvard Business School. While pursuing her BA in computer science, she conducted research in artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience. She is an avid reader across genres and enjoys writing speculative fiction short stories.

Erica Salinas

Global Technical Leader-Blockchain, AWS

Erica is a principal-technical program manager and leads the digital assets initiatives within the worldwide public sector at Amazon Web Services (AWS). She is part of the global team that supports central banks and international financial institutions as they seek to achieve their mandates in the midst of rapidly changing technology. Erica finds joy in applying emerging tech to bend history gently in the right direction.



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10th August 2022

Aligning Technology and Policy: The Oliver Wyman Forum and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Report

With: Larissa de Lima (Oliver Wyman Forum) & Erica Salinas (Amazon Web Services)

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11th January 2022

Quantifying the Impact of CBDCs

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