The Suptech landscape: Key trends & integration of end-to-end solutions


Wednesday 28th September

Suptech represents a core strategic priority for central banks and financial authorities from both developed and emerging markets. According to a Bank for International Settlements (BIS) report published earlier this year, we can now see Suptech innovation and investments in various forms in pretty much all jurisdictions across the globe.

These efforts are driven by a combination of factors and variables, including, amongst others; the increased complexity and interconnectedness of the financial system; the growing volume of granular data that supervisors need to collect and operationalize the opportunities created by technological advances; as well as higher expectations from the stakeholders and the society.

In the inaugural episode of the Suptech Broadcast focused on the key developments shaping the Suptech landscape, discussing practical use cases and applications of the technology, as well as highlighting the emerging trends within institution-wide strategies and innovation roadmaps. Guests Joanne Horgan, Suptech Product Director at Regnology and Dr Simone di Castri, Co-Head and Co-Founder at the Cambridge SupTech Lab joined FNA for this session.


The session covered:

  • The main factors shaping the Suptech landscape today
  • The impact of Covid-related disruptions on Suptech priorities
  • How Suptech innovation can be more risk resilient
  • How central banks can balance the ‘tactical’ and the ‘strategic’ gaining some low-hanging fruit success in the short run while also focusing on medium and long-term goals
  • The extent to which cross-jurisdictional Suptech collaboration will drive sustainable innovation
  • Technological advancements in digitisation and the future of the Suptech landscape


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Key Resources and Links

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Session #1 Guests


 Joanne Horgan

Suptech Product Director, Regnology

Over 15+ years of experience developing and implementing software solutions for financial regulators around the globe, Joanne Horgan is the Chief Innovation Officer at Vizor by Regnology, the leading global provider of Regulatory Reporting Technology to Central Banks. Vizor’s customer base spans Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa and is Global RegTech Provider of the Year awarded by Central Banking.

Joanne is a results-oriented executive director with a strong technical background and sound business acumen. Highly effective in bridging the business and technical worlds to help create great software products and services. Her innovation focus is to uncover customer and market needs and discover emerging technology solutions to deliver real impact. Regular product user groups are held with key clients such as Bank of England, Bank of Canada, Monetary Authority of Singapore and Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority to ensure roadmap alignment.

Joanne has presented to the EU Fintech Lab in Brussels, the Asia Finance Forum run by the Asian Development Bank, Singapore FinTech Festival, RegTech Rising and Global RegTech Summits in London.


Dr Simone di Castri

Co-head and Co-Founder, Cambridge SupTech Lab

Simone is a frontier digital economy and financial market leader with 16 years of high-impact engagement in the fields of banking, payments, telecom, and technology. He is passionate about evidence-based policymaking, and the use of technology and innovative processes to pursue economic efficiency and social justice and equality. He has extensive experience in public sector policy development, private sector partnership, advocacy and academia.

Simone’s specialization is the creation of new processes and solutions to address complex problems, influencing the strategies of multiple stakeholders to enhance their impacts. He is the Managing Director of the Cambridge SupTech Lab, a multimillion, multiyear initiative to unlock the potential of new technologies and data science to reengineer financial sector supervision, regulation and policy analysis. Among the groundbreaking initiatives that Simone has conceived and implemented in the past are the RegTech for Regulators Accelerator (R2A), the GSMA Code of Conduct for Mobile Money Providers, and the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) Consumer Empowerment and Market Conduct working group. Former employers include the GSMA, the World Bank, the United Nations, AFI, the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), and the consulting firm BFA Global. He holds a PhD in Law & Economics.




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